Anderson & Anderson, APC
Anderson & Anderson, APC

Dr. Bernardo Stamateas, Argentine Psychologist and Minister Completes the Anderson & Anderson Facilitator Certification Process

Anderson & Anderson provides a four-day live anger management training for Dr. Bernardo Stamateas, an Argentine Psychologist and Minister. Dr. Stamateas plans to use his anger management certification to begin an anger management program in Argentina.

Los Angeles, CA, June 04, 2009 --( After a very successful tutorial in anger management facilitation, internationally renowned psychologist and minister, Dr. Bernardo Stamateas, has decided to joint venture with Anderson & Anderson in introducing the Anderson & Anderson Anger Management Curriculum in Argentina. Dr. Stamateas and his organization, la Fundación “Volver a Empezar” (Starting Over Foundation), will be authorized to translate all of the Anderson & Anderson publications into Spanish for sale in Argentina. Anderson & Anderson will begin offering certification training in Spanish in Argentina under the sponsorship of Dr. Stamateas.

Dr. Stamateas arrived at the Anderson & Anderson headquarters in the Brentwood neighborhood district of Los Angeles, California on May 25, 2009 to begin the training with George Anderson, BCD, LCSW. One of the Anderson & Anderson staff members, and a Los Angeles-based anger management facilitator who was trained by George Anderson during the May 6-8 training, provided assitance in translating from English to Spanish between Dr. Stamateas and Mr. Anderson. The training was provided over a four-day period, and included the following: Adolescent-group related facilitator certification; Adult-group related facilitator certifcation; advanced anger management, which involves a more comprehensive review of the concept of emotional intelligence; and Motivational Interviewing, which involves the enhancement of the group-learning process.

As an experienced psychologist in Argentina, Dr. Stamateas, or Lic. Stamateas, as he is professionally known in Argentina, has already written many psychology books that are related to his practice and the subject matter he addresses. These books include "Emociones Toxicas" (Poisonous Emotions), "Gente Toxica" (The Poisonous People), and "Autoboicot" (Autoboycott).

This training experience is a newly found endeavor for Anderson & Anderson, as George Anderson has never trained any professional based in Argentina. Anderson & Anderson and la Fundación “Volver a Empezar” plan to maintain a strong working relationship, in the effort to expand the use of the Anderson & Anderson curriculum worldwide.

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