Birds of a Feather Tweet Together

ActionCOACH founder and CEO Brad Sugars built a following of 1095 people in less than three weeks on Twitter - a Social Media micro blogging website.

Las Vegas, NV, June 03, 2009 --( One of the important things on ActionCOACH founder and CEO Brad Sugars’ “to-do-list” is updating his tweets –as he uses Twitter –the micro-blogging site to communicate and build thought leadership –while staying connected to the market.

And Sugars is not alone in doing so. He joins the likes of Sun Microsystems’ Jonathan Schwartz, Zappos’ Tony Hsieh and Kodak’s Jeff Hayzlett –amongst scores of others who have embraced this new medium to communicate with employees, fellow executives, investors, shareholders and consumers.

The C-Suite is truly abuzz with Twitter-friendly CEOs who are also creating brand awareness through this seemingly simple social media tool. According to Business Week, the number of CEOs using Twitter had jumped over the past year as Twitter became more of a mainstream communications tools.

Sugars justifies Twitter’s growing popularity with C-level executives and likens these tweets to 140-character memos that help busy, globetrotting executives communicate efficiently –even while on the road.

“I use Twitter to communicate ideas on entrepreneurship –this is a great brand building tool and I enjoy the efficiency that comes from brief comments compared to blog entries that are much longer and require more commitment in terms of time.”

Besides being relatively cumbersome –over the past few years, voice and tone guidelines began to play an important role in governing blog writing. Twitter is different. It is set up in a manner that encourages users to broadcast an interchangeable medley of comments about personal life, work, business and anything else on their mind.

Through Twitter, social media has given voice to Chief Executives in a way –unimaginable in the days preceding the Web2.0 revolution.

When C-level executives begin tweeting they are considered part lead brand ambassador, part-celebrity. They have the ability to personalize their brands and are able to create more brand awareness and networking opportunities –through a growing following on Twitter.

Sugars –who in less than three weeks’ time, has built a solid following of 1095 people, emphasizes on having a clear objective as well as a commitment to the medium before getting on the bandwagon.

“It is crucial to first determine what you would like to achieve through your tweets –in other words, who comprises your target audience –and then, make a commitment to tweeting several times a day,” he said.

Sugars’ tweets raise brand awareness for ActionCOACH with a personal touch. By becoming more accessible to his tight community of over 1000 Business Coaches worldwide, he aims at reaching tens of thousands of ActionCOACH clients –spanning six continents.

Besides writing a regular blog, Sugars is also an active Facebook member with thousands of personal and business connections.

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