"The Global IVD Market Generated Sales of Over $40bn in 2008 and Will Generate Nearly $60bn in 2014," Announced by Visiongain Pharmaceutical Report

New innovative report discusses how the global IVD market will develop in light of commercial opportunities and high technological potential. In vitro diagnostics constitute an important, growing healthcare industry and market, one that is increasingly biotechnological and closely aligned with pharma. In Vitro Diagnostics: Market Analysis 2009-2024.

London, United Kingdom, June 05, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Article Source: http://www.visiongain.com/Report.aspx?rid=390.

In vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests provide essential information about physiological states, aiding diagnoses and choice of treatments. IVD’s usefulness in drug development – especially via biomarkers – constitutes a major advance, and an expanding market opportunity. Visiongain new report -

From 2009 onwards, visiongain believes that worldwide investment in IVD testing will increase, due to a variety of factors including:
• Greater awareness of tests’ availability and usefulness
• More-widely applicable, accurate and usable tests emerging

The global IVD market generated sales of over $40bn in 2008. Visiongain predicts that the market will generate nearly $60bn in 2014. What will it be worth in 2019 and in 2024? Which tests will be most commercially successful? How will sales for genetic screening perform in coming years? In Vitro Diagnostics: Market Analysis 2009-2024 answers these and other crucial questions.

Highlights of In Vitro Diagnostics: Market Analysis 2009-2024
Highlights of this report include:
• Market sizes and sales growth of major IVD test types from 2009 to 2024
• Individual market forecasts and discussion of the following diagnostic areas:
• Cholesterol
• Pregnancy/fertility
• Diabetes/glucose
• Genetics
• Influenza
• Cancer/oncology
• Drugs of abuse

Comprehensive analysis of the IVD market area
In Vitro Diagnostics: Market Analysis 2009-2024 examines that sector critically, through a comprehensive review of information sources, both primary and secondary. This report provides detailed sales forecasts, discussions of pipeline developments and analysis of commercial drivers and restraints.

Why you should read In Vitro Diagnostics: Market Analysis 2009-2024
Benefits from purchasing this report include your receiving:
• Detailed sales forecasts for specific IVD markets, with market shares and growth data
• Discussions why certain IVD test markets will grow more quickly than others, with future and pipeline developments covered
• A review of leading IVD companies, and recent alliances/mergers
• Insights into regional differences in IVD adoption

Visiongain believes that there will be increasing adoption of diagnostic tests worldwide, especially in prevention of disease and in early diagnosis. The market for IVD tests will expand, but some fields and national markets will grow more quickly than others. Continuing advances in diagnostic tools, greater availability of over-the-counter tests and quicker response times will make IVD testing more valuable to patients, medical professionals, industry and healthcare systems. In which countries will IVD sales grow the most? How will pregnancy test sales perform in the future? Will at-home HIV tests reach the worldwide market? In which countries are drugs of abuse tests most commonly used?

You can read this report today
In Vitro Diagnostics: Market Analysis 2009-2024 will provide you with a greater understanding of the expanding IVD market worldwide. You can stay ahead by reading this report today.

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