Marketing Nastasi Starts New Online Manifesting Portal Successfully

In times of financial crisis and pandemia, hardly anyone could doubt that all people need would be positive news. It seems like Marketing Nastasi from Heidelberg, Germany, started their Online Manifesting Portal at the right time.

Sandhausen, Germany, June 05, 2009 --( The two start-up entrepreneurs launched their German portal in May 2008, now one year later they are ready for the English speaking customers. They have put up an easy but effective system of four pillars to success.

Every day, their participants get an e-mail with an exercise – reading and doing never takes longer than 30 minutes. Every evening (German time), there is an online chat of 30 minutes. That means: In round about one hour per day people are being led to success in whatever area of life they need it. In addition, there is an internal bulletin board that offers the opportunity of exchange among participants 24 hours a day. For very private questions, they have installed an internal private mail system, where private or intimate questions are being answered within 24 hours at the latest.

All things considered, it seems like the German system works as well for other countries.

"Our success in Germany was really overwhelming and we expect the same for other countries," says Julia Nastasi, contact person for English speaking customers. The English portal started with one course, as it did in Germany as well.

The promotion price of 39,95 $ will be available another two weeks, then the regular price of 99,95 $.

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Marketing Nastasi operates an online mental coaching portal, which started in May 2008 in Germany with great success. Its basic idea is to help people by means of modern techniques to reach their aims within 30 days. The German model started different additional courses with topics like love, money, health and desired weight, which are also very popular. In German, there are also external coaches like Heidi Wellmann (job coaching) and Christian Reiland (Law of attraction online course).

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