Marketing Nastasi Presents New Handbook Manifesting 2.0

One year of online courses gave Julia Nastasi and Alexander Nastasi the knowledge to republish their handbook to their online course about manifesting – Manifesting 2.0. - July 16, 2009

Marketing Nastasi Presents Help for Lonely Hearts

It is summer, it starts to get hot outside – everyone goes to the beach or the lake with his partner. Still there are some people who hope for colder seasons to return in order not to feel that alone any more. Marketing Nastasi offers help in form of an online course where the participants will also be able to attract the right partner into their lives. - July 01, 2009

Marketing Nastasi Offers Tips for Manifesting Successfully on Their New Manifesting Portal

Can one create his own reality by means of his thoughts? Marketing Nastasi says yes and offers a large range of tips for manifesting on their new Manifesting Portal. - June 25, 2009

Marketing Nastasi Starts New Online Manifesting Portal Successfully

In times of financial crisis and pandemia, hardly anyone could doubt that all people need would be positive news. It seems like Marketing Nastasi from Heidelberg, Germany, started their Online Manifesting Portal at the right time. - June 05, 2009

Marketing Nastasi Announce the Official Start of Their English Portal

n May 16th 2008, the new portal of the two start-up entrepreneurs Julia and Alexander Nastasi was published on the internet. Now, 365 days later it is time to tell about the success and the news that have been invented since. - May 22, 2009

New Portal for Online Courses - for Wellbeing and More Health

Heidelberg. In times of pandemia of serious illnesses, Marketing Nastasi launches a new online portal for more wellbeing and health by the power of mind. - April 29, 2009

Promotion Prices for Online Course About Being a Winner in the Financial Crisis

In times of the worldwide economy crisis, Marketing Nastasi offers an alternative for those who do not want to belong to the losers anymore but to take their matters in their own hands. Their 30 days online coaching shows a proper perspective in dark times. - April 27, 2009

New Portal for Online Courses

A successful portal for online courses about manifesting from Germany now also enters the English speaking market. Marketing Nastasi is proud to introduce their new English portal for online courses with different topics like love, money, health and more. - April 24, 2009

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