Janus Equity Management, LLC Announces Opening of Short Sales Division

Houston, TX, June 05, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Janus Equity Management, LLC announces the opening of their Short Sales division in Houston, Texas. As the number of short sales increase, there is a growing need for professionals who know how to work with sellers, banks, REALTORS and buyers to get these types of transactions completed. A short sale is when the owner of a property has permission from the mortgage company to sell their house for less than is owed on it.

In an effort for full disclosure, Janus Equity Management, LLC founder Doug Grace will be documenting his efforts and his results as he builds the Short Sales division in the Houston area. From May 13th to September 10th, the Blog http://www.willdougmakeit.com will showcase videos on his progress. “The number of short sales are increasing and the need for professionals who understand this process to be able to help homeowners is crucial,” states Mr. Grace. “The promises they get from unresponsive mortgage modification companies is just sad. They need a real solution and we are here to be that solution.”

Mr. Grace’s work with Janus Equity Management, LLC promotes the redevelopment of homes throughout the Houston, Texas area. The Short Sales Division is one more branch to this business. By offering guidance and success tools, Mr. Grace also helps investors throughout the United States with their investment strategies and goals. For more information about Doug Grace and his business, visit http://www.janusequitymanagement.com

About Janus Equity Management, LLC. Janus Equity Management, LLC is a Texas company. The purpose of the company is to help property owners find solutions to their mortgage and real estate problems. Founder, Doug Grace is an experienced Realtor, Lender and Real Estate Investor with over 15 years experience in the real estate business.

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