Aquabalm: New Natural Skin Care Product with Revolutionary Moisturizing Technology

London, CO, June 07, 2009 --( Aquabalm is a new natural skin care product from Iceland, with a revolutionary moisturizing technology, derived from natural marine enzymes from the Arctic Ocean.

Aquabalm is 100% natural and organic ( skin care product that is free from chemical additives, and suitable for all types of skin. It is PH neutral, which preserves the natural balance of the skin. Aquabalm stimulates the natural removal of virus-infected cells, bacteria, fungi, various pathogens and assists the body’s immune system defenses; thus bringing renewed health and beauty to the skin.

The active ingredient in Aquabalm is the enzyme trypsin, which has a natural ability to cleave concentrations of pathological proteins from the surface cell membrane permitting leukocyte activity to remove damaged cells, which enables natural ( anti aging skin care.

Aquabalm works especially well on skin areas prone to patches of extreme dryness such as eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, and it can be effectively used for many skin conditions as well as cosmetic, beauty and anti-aging treatment. Since Aquabalm penetrates deeply under the skin, it can also relieve swelling, muscle and joint aches and pains.

About Aquabalm:
Aquabalm is brought to you by Ecobrands Ltd, a London based company that promotes unique products designed to encourage people to help themselves, naturally. This new and powerful skin care product is available to people worldwide through the website:

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