Blenz Tweets to Success on Twitter

Vancouver, Canada, June 09, 2009 --( Blenz The Canadian Coffee Company Ltd has tweaked its online marketing strategy yet again. In addition to the recently launched which provides products to Blenz coffee, tea and chocolate fans worldwide, and which supports charity and fundraising drives with a turnkey coffee distribution program, Blenz has now taken a turn onto the new and rapidly growing branch called Twitter.

Blenz uses Twitter to announce special events, store openings, and promotions.

Blenz Daily Twitter Sweepstakes launched on on Monday, sparking an immediate flurry of “tweets” among the social media mavens and fans, and Blenz followers grew from 0 to over 300 in just a matter of hours. On Monday morning, BlenzCoffee (@blenzcoffee) tweeted that George Moen, president of Blenz, wants to buy you a coffee – mention Blenz in your tweet, and your tweet may be chosen as the Tweet of the Day.

The first Blenz Daily Twitter Sweepstakes winner, Shane Gibson (@shanegibson), was impressed when his $5.00 gift card was hand-delivered by George himself, who happened to be in the neighbourhood that afternoon. Shane was so excited by the transaction that within minutes he had posted a picture recording the event, and his post was re-tweeted by one of his followers, and so on, and so on…

Blenz activity in Twitterworld has resulted in a myriad of benefits, including more personalized relationships with Blenz customers, attracting new customers to Blenz stores, and reinforcing the Blenz brand in the local market.

Blenz online marketing philosophy is well communicated in this quote, from the site where Sweepstakes Winners are sent to claim their prizes, “We use this format to connect with our existing and future customers in a respectful manner because we believe that companies of any size can have a direct relationship with their customers.”

About Blenz The Canadian Coffee Company Ltd™
Blenz The Canadian Coffee Company Ltd is a premium retailer of handcrafted coffee, tea and other innovative and delicious specialty beverages. All of Blenz' beverages are made in-store from only the highest quality ingredients available. Blenz’ commitment to serving a great cup of coffee, providing an excellent customer experience, and providing world-class staff training, has fueled Blenz' growth from its inception. Blenz operates a network of over 85 franchise locations in British Columbia, Japan, China, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and the Philippines.


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