Marlon Familton and Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC Announce the Launch of Video Tips Designed to Help Improve Relationships

Marlon Familton and Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC announce the launch of video tips. Each three to five minute video focuses on a common problem in couples and marriage counseling. The tips are designed to help better a couple’s relationship.

Bellevue, WA, June 11, 2009 --( Marlon Familton and Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling, LLC announce the launch of video tips designed to help improve relationships.

Couples looking for help on relationship issues often turn to books, the web, family, friends or therapists. The problem is that sifting through books, articles, websites, unwanted and sometimes judgmental advice to find the pearls that will be helpful takes time.

Now couples can visit the CCFC web site at and view for free, three to five minute effective tips. The videos feature important relationship issues and suggestions from Marlon Familton, a couples/marriage therapist who specializes in healing and strengthening relationships.

“Books and articles are great, but in today’s instant world it’s hard to get through a whole book. In creating these videos I hope to offer succinct tips on key issues that couples frequently bring to therapy.” Familton says. “My advice on the videos is direct with the intention of trying to help bring quick help and useful ideas to the viewers.”

Familton indicates that he plans to add videos that focus on and offer experiments and suggestions for dealing with the common problems that arise in relationships. The current videos feature relationship tips on:

· Pivot Points - Repairing the small moments that go bad
· The Importance of departure and reconnection
· Speaking from the "I" position
· The problem with texting
· Feedback vs. criticism

To view the video tips, visit and look for the “Video Tips” link on the navigation bar. For more information, to ask a question or suggest a tip, contact Marlon through the Collaborative Couples & Family Counseling web site.

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