Vonéi™ Provides Video Enabled Communication Services for Businesses Right from the Desktop

Easy-to-Use Web Services Lets You Collaborate With Clients, Customers, Associates and Employees Anywhere in the World.

Charlotte, NC, June 10, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Internet and telecom industry veterans Alan Fitzpatrick and Phillip Weller announce the creation of Vonéi, LLC, a leading edge company focused on providing new and innovative ways for businesses to communicate with their customers, suppliers and employees. Based on the premise that traditional Internet services, such as email and VoIP, are only the prelude for new and powerful communication services, Vonéi (pronounced vō-nā) will provide its customers with services that allow information sharing with equal ease across cubicles, country, and continents. The Company’s first service, Vonéi Meeting, is a real time audio/video enabled collaboration service that does not require capital investment or expensive telecom infrastructure.

The Vonéi suite of Internet services work transparently across various computer systems, including Microsoft Windows PCs, Apple, and Linux computers, and requires only a web browser, a webcam for video services, and broadband Internet access. According to Weller “Our goal is to help businesses succeed in this global economy. We do that by removing obstacles preventing efficient communications, by making sure our services meet the appropriate security and privacy requirements, and by ensuring that our services can be implemented quickly and economically.”

Vonéi Meeting offers businesses:

Real time audio/video collaboration service that provides all the benefits of face-to-face interaction, without the high costs of travel

Web-browser based service that does not require software downloads, and works with most currently deployed personal computers.

Easy-to-use web interface can set up complex meetings in seconds

Encryption to ensure sensitive business information is kept secure

Integrated screen and file sharing

Multiple monthly and annual service plans to choose from

Fitzpatrick adds “As web conferencing expenditures are predicted to double over the next three years, the business marketplace is undeserved with affordable solutions. Proprietary hardware solutions that cost of thousands of dollars for even basic features are simply out of reach for many enterprises. Vonéi services leverage tools that most businesses already possess. And with our affordable service plan options, a business can pay for Vonéi services on a monthly or annual basis without complicated licensing arrangements.”

For additional information on the Vonéi suite of services that can help streamline your business operations and reduce costs, contact:
Vonei LLC
(888) My-Vonei

About Vonéi LLC:

Vonéi LLC is a privately held Internet based communications company headquartered in Charlotte, NC. The company provides communications and virtual office solutions that can be used anywhere, across broadband Internet, and from any standard computer. Vonéi has a portfolio of technical expertise, a long background in communications, and an accomplished leadership team. For additional information, visit http://www.vonei.com

Vonei LLC
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