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Commercial Lending Service Providers Create Partnership to Provide Better Service

Denver, CO, June 09, 2009 --( Partnership - Anchor Commercial Services today announced an agreement with Capital Development to integrate Anchor’s LMS products with Capital Development’s online document management service. As part of this agreement, Anchor will sell and support the eDocLending service integrated directly with LMS as an Anchor partner. The product will be marketed as LMS-eDoc.

The LMS-eDoc system will provide immediate cost savings to users by allowing the ability to request documents from borrowers, lenders, brokers, etc. to be uploaded in a secure manner. Combine that with LMS-eDoc’s E-Trans capability and the tremendous expense of mailing documents is reduced significantly. Additional savings come in the form of paper expense reduction, which not only helps the bottom line but the environment too.

“We have for sometime wanted to develop a web-based communication piece and found that eDocLending has the ability to accomplish that and a whole lot more. Therefore, we felt it was in our users’ best interest to partner up with someone that specializes in that arena and allow us to continue what we do best with our documentation / servicing system,” said Julie Middleton, VP of Operations Anchor Commercial Services.

“Simply put, eDocLending allows LMS to provide better service,” said Julie Middleton. “Our customers can simply log in and see where they are in the loan process and track down the document that may be causing a bottleneck 24/7. CDCs are digitizing every loan package to improve efficiency and communication. CDC’s third-party lenders are automatically kept informed of the status.”

LMS will provide the ability to export information directly to providing the ability to create the initial file and save on duplication of data entry. Then from the LMS-eDoc system you will have the ability to request, receive and move documents to your more permanent location without the need of printing hard copies.

“Our partnership with eDocLending will be expanded over time to provide additional data fields available for viewing by loan file contacts (borrower, lender, etc). We will work with our users to identify what type of information should be available. The more we can use technology to assist borrowers and lenders with the ability to retrieve requested information on their own, if desired, the more time staff will have available to do other important tasks,” said Julie Middleton.

BMI Associates Partnership - BMI Associates, Inc. is Anchor Commercial Services Preferred Document Imaging Partner. This partnership is to ensure current and future customers of Anchor and BMI that as both companies move forward with enhancements and changes to their software products, that integration and functionality will be maintained and enhanced to meet customer needs. Anchor Commercial Services and BMI have been working together to integrate Loan Management System and BMI Imaging Suite for over 8 years and this partnership will continue to work diligently to serve the SBA loan processing community.

The main advantage of using BMI within LMS was that documents could be retrieved from within the File Selection screen of LMS. BMI has developed a utility to work with to streamline the exchange of documents. As SBA goes paperless it will become more important for CDCs to image and having a complete solution will make E-Trans even more attractive.

About Anchor Commercial Services
Anchor Commercial is a software development company that has been providing software to the SBA lending industry since 1988. The ACS Loan Management System (“LMS”) application software system was originally created as an internal solution for the certified development company, Resource Capital; however, it has experienced tremendous growth and has since been recognized as the most diversified SBA system available today. For more information, please visit

About BMI
BMI has been helping companies go from paper intensive files to scanned images for 18 years and working closely with Anchor Commercial for over 8 years. BMI Imaging Suite manages these scanned images to make it easy to store, retrieve, email, and print. For more information, please visit

About Capital Development
Founded in 1999, Capital Development created eDocLending in 2003 to provide online document management services for commercial real estate professionals. Based in Denver, Colorado, the company is privately held. For more information, please visit

eDocLending is a registered trademark of Capital Development and/or it affiliates.

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