Training Courses 2009 for AIL Diplomas

All information about the Preparatory Courses to support the teachers of Italian as a foreign language to pass the exam for getting the “Firenze” AIL Diploma.

Florence, Italy, June 11, 2009 --( There are a lot of Italian language teachers who choose to get a specialization in the language teaching to foreign students.

Being a teacher of Italian as a foreign language is very difficult and demanding, because in a class there can be students of different ages and nationalities who have also different learning needs.

For this reason, it is very important for teachers to be continuously updated about the teaching methods and materials, also because there are more and more teachers who wish to accomplish a diploma which certifies their qualification level as teachers of Italian as a second language.

The School Leonardo da Vinci, an institute specialized in teaching Italian as a foreign language for more than 30 years, gives such teachers the chance to reach their aim. At Leonardo da Vinci School in fact, it is possible to get the AIL Italian Language Diplomas DALI C1 and C2, which certify teachers' effective preparation for teaching Italian to foreign students.

The school suggests teachers to attend a preparatory course before taking the examination aimed to get the diploma. The course is subdivided into two parts: the first one schedules a standard course, and has a duration which varies between 4 and 24 weeks depending on Italian language teachers' preparation level; whereas the second one plans a specific “Preparatory Course for AIL Exams” to accomplish the “Firenze” AIL Italian language Diploma.

Usually the “Preparatory Courses for AIL Exams” start a month before the examination dates. Next exam is scheduled for 18th September, therefore the one-month preparatory course will start on 24th August and will last until the examination date.

This course includes 6 daily lessons, 4 of which are focused on grammar review and conversation, whereas during the other two, participants will have the opportunity to practise with examination drills.

So, for those teachers teaching Italian as a foreign language who wish to certify their skills and experience, the Leonardo da Vinci School created the suitable course for them: the “Preparatory Course for AIL Exams”.

AIL Exams take place 4 times a year, and next sessions are scheduled for September and December 2009.

Further information about the courses are available on the Italian school for foreigners Leonardo da Vinci's website.

School Leonardo Da Vinci
Alessandra Ricci