Smithstreetsolutions to Co-Publish the 5th China Institute Executive Summit White Paper

The 5th China Institute Executive Summit closed successfully on April 28th. SmithStreetSolutions will publish details of the summit discussions: The Fifth Annual China Institute Executive Summit White Paper.

Shanghai, China, June 11, 2009 --( The 5th China Institute Executive Summit closed successfully on April 28th in Beijing. As a partner of China Institute, who hosted the summit, SmithStreetSolutions organized and participated in the event and will publish details of the summit discussions: The Fifth Annual China Institute Executive Summit White Paper – A Survey of Executive Views on U.S.-China Government Approaches to the Economic Stimulus.

An annual event that engages the China and U.S. business communities, the China Institute Executive Summit gathers leaders of business and political circles from both countries to discuss Sino-U.S. business and the global economy. This year’s 5th China Institute Executive Summit saw leaders from both countries discussing strategies to weather the current global financial storm. In addition to SmithStreetSolutions, HNA Grand China, Google, JP Morgan and other prestigious international enterprises were sponsors of this year’s summit.

During the two-day summit, participants held extensive talks on a diversity of issues, including logistics & transportation, human resources, real estate, the internet and public equity. In key-note speeches and seminars, they presented their own outlooks on the opportunities and challenges the world will face in the year 2009. The most significant agenda of the summit was: “700 Billion + 4 Trillion: Unpacking the Economic Stimulus Plans”. What will be the outcome of the world’s largest developed country taking a remedial approach to the crisis, while the world’s fastest growing developing country is taking precautions? Norman Yen, Board Advisor of SmithStreetSolutions, who has accumulated 17 years of experience in the financial industry, was one of the discussion’s designated speakers. Yen shared SmithStreetSolutions’ view that the global nature of this current financial crisis means it should be solved in a global way. However, the stimulus packages of China, the U.S. and other countries in the world have not given enough consideration to the prospective impact of their domestic actions on the outside world. This kind of action without a globalized vision cannot bring about the ideal consequences. China and the U.S. should readjust their plans based on the principle of pursuing cooperation, a win-win situation and common interest, in order to reconstruct a sound economy in the framework of globalization.

In addition to actively participating in various topic discussions, SmithStreetSolutions is writing the white paper on the summit discussions. A specialized team from SmithStreetSolutions has already interviewed and visited Chinese and U.S. leaders from various industries to understand their points of view on the stimulus packages. The white paper will be published soon.

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Tina Dai