Boost Your Income While You Sleep with Net Lawman’s Legal Affiliate Programme

People looking for ways to boost their income from the comfort of their own home need look no further than online legal specialists Net Lawman, thanks to the launch of their free Legal Affiliate Programme.

Diss, United Kingdom, June 12, 2009 --( As providers of the largest collection of legal documents for sale in the UK and over the Internet, Net Lawman is inviting businesses and individuals to participate in their free Affiliate programme and earn up to 25% commission on any sales they make.

Law Affiliates can now cash in on Net Lawman’s vast array of legal documents, all carefully drawn by solicitors with over 20 years commercial experience and by specialist barristers. Affiliates can choose to offer a wide range of documents or opt only for documents, which match the industry they currently operate in.

Using the highly acclaimed iDev system, sales statistics can be tracked in real time so affiliates can log on at any time and check their sales commission levels. And with a array of graphic ads, light boxes, page peels and text adds available along with a team of online marketing and SEO specialists ready to assist, affiliates can be rest assured that they will receive the support they need to succeed as a Net Lawman affiliate.

At a time when job are scarce and people are keeping an eye on their expenditure, Net Lawman spokesperson Miriam Taylor believes that their Affiliate Programme provides an ideal opportunity for people to make residual income by tapping into a ‘recession-proof’ industry which is continuing to see rising demand despite the downturn.

“Unlike many businesses affected by the recession, Net Lawman is thriving, due primarily to constant a demand for legal documents, as it is often a breach of the law for organisations not to have them, but also because the credit crunch is forcing people to find cheaper ways of meeting their legal obligations,” explains Ms.Taylor.

Net Lawman documents are the preferred choice of thousands of businesses and individuals across the globe and are written in plain English, avoiding confusion and unnecessary legal jargon. Because each document comes with comprehensive explanatory notes, customers can be confident in doing more themselves, without the need to employ the services of an expensive solicitor.

“For some time, we’ve been seeking to bridge the gap in the monopoly of high street solicitors who charge extortionate rates for their services and our new Affiliate Scheme is designed to extend our reach and help more people gain access to high quality legal documents at a price they can afford,” says Ms. Taylor.

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About Net Lawman
Net Lawman Ltd is an English company operated by Andrew R. Taylor. Most legal work is undertaken by Andrew and Rajeev Goswami, assisted by English barristers for employment specialist work, and Rajeev's small team of Indian lawyers, as required.

Andrew has a degree in economics and was an English solicitor for over 20 years. He resigned voluntarily as a solicitor in order to operate Net Lawman with unrestricted advertising. He has specialised primarily in commercial and company law. Working in a high street practice, he has covered a wide range of law. During that time, he has also been involved as a director and shareholder in a number of businesses, principally connected with commercial property or the Internet.

The documents provided by Net Lawman have been drawn by Andrew and a small team of specialist solicitors and barristers. The documents are regularly updated to take account of new law.

The Net Lawman service is designed to fill a gap between on the one hand the mass of “contractual” letters and messages produced by every business every day with confidence and on the other hand those cases where solicitor help is essential.

Net Lawman legal advice is provided on a “no liability” basis. The business is not regulated by The Law Society.

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