Chameleon Studios | Las Vegas Announced the Launch of a New Marketing Campaign "Design Your Own Nightclub™"

Chameleon Studios | Las Vegas enables companies and individuals to create a customized nightclub.

Las Vegas, NV, June 12, 2009 --( Chameleon Studios (“Chameleon”), an amazing special events venue whose business model is hosting and producing corporate events, special events, filming and more, announced today the launch of their new innovative marketing campaign “Design Your Own Nightclub”.

The “Design Your Own Nightclub” campaign is perfect for companies and/or individuals (”Clients”) who want to create an environment designed around their products and/or services. The entire venue can be designed to look as if a client has developed and built a nightclub specifically to feature their products and/or services. Clients can design a specific look to promote the launch of a new product and/or service or customize the venue for personal events such as a Sweet 16 party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or a Birthday Party. Clients can utilize the amazing “As Is” design of Chameleon or elect to fully customize the venue to fully suit their needs.

“We feel the Design Your Own Nightclub initiative will give our clients the opportunity to create a memorable branding experience for their target markets. Whether it is a new product launch or a theme for a personal party, everyone who attends the event will hopefully leave with a better understanding of the brand as well as the products and/or services they offer,” said Mr. Brett H. Pojunis, Managing Director of Chameleon. “Clients start by meeting with our production team to identify the objectives of the event. Then, together, a theme is developed and the event is designed by our team to ensure the greatest branding/marketing possible. The events we create for our clients will be experiential marketing at its best as well as the ultimate branding tool.” Clients will be able to customize the venue by selecting different aspects of the venue such as, color, furniture, music, logo placement, theatrical lighting, staff costumes and more.

Chameleon is hosting a special event to showcase the new Design Your Own Nightclub campaign Wednesday, June 24, 2009 for The Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority, Media, Press as well as select guests. If you are press and would like to attend the event contact Chameleon to RSVP.

About Chameleon Studios | Las Vegas

Chameleon Studios (Chameleon) is an amazing special events venue whose business model is hosting and producing corporate events, special events, additional conference/convention space, filming and more. Chameleon is comprised of 3 main studios/rooms and 6 additional VIP rooms standing just over 10,000 sq ft and is the most exclusive off site venue in Las Vegas. Each room has its own environment where lighting, sound and décor can be controlled and segregated from the rest of the venue. As the name suggests, the venue is like a chameleon whereas each event can have its own completely customizable look. Visit www.ChameleonLasVegas.Com to sign up for our newsletter and learn more about the venue.


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