ExhibitTrader.com Achieves Milestone for Exhibitors with U.S. Patent

Dallas, TX, June 12, 2009 --(PR.com)-- ExhibitTrader.com, Inc., a Dallas based corporation, announces the achievement of another great milestone for Exhibitors with the reward of a U.S. Patent for “Estimating the Value of a Pre-owned Trade Show Exhibit”.

The new Patent recently issued from the USPTO brings to life over four years of refinement, programming and development for their audience. The electronic interface allows ExhibitTrader.com a first- of- kind and first- to- market, unique online tool for exhibitors and exhibit manufactures to estimate and receive a value electronically for their pre-owned exhibits and display inventories. The system is designed for an easy user friendly experience- immediately calculating resale values via a series of complicated metrics, algorithms and percentages to arrive at a base display value.

“As the nations leading reseller and marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned tradeshow properties, our clients have been successfully using the online tool to find values while our patent was pending. Now with the strength of the patent behind us, we can focus staff and programming teams on other innovations to assist exhibitors and senior marketing groups,” says Ray C. Rogowicz, President of ExhibitTrader.com. “Since our inception, ExhibitTrader.com has always put the exhibiting community first by creating the first, true, online pre-owned marketplace environment for buying and selling; providing a high level of customer service that our exhibitors can count on the first time, every time- in real time; and allowing all users the ease of a fast and informative desktop interface…these guiding principals have been the core of our focus. Our non- bias platform allows our sellers to achieve solid returns on their investment. It gives our buyers the ability to find great solutions, negotiating directly with sellers to find knowledgeable and useful information for educated purchases. Aside from our new Patented Estimator Tool and high user metrics, the obvious differential elevating us from others is that competitors typically use either the “speculator” method (buy a booth extremely cheap from a seller and sell it high for the websites own profit, leaving the seller on the short end of the stick); or the “broker” method (locks seller into an exclusive contract [ taking away other options for the seller], attempt to find a buyer while negotiating a refurb/additional services; then try to sell it to meet the contractors profit needs first. After all this, the seller may assume some small return [if all goes well]). Neither of those methods is the way we see our business model ever”, says Rogowicz. “Our company believes in a “fair market consignment for fee” method, benefiting both our buying and selling customers. This process provides equality and fairness for all parties involved in the process and establishes satisfied clients. Our new Estimator Patent makes our core business model and balanced principals much stronger today”.

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Chad Rogowicz