New RFID Automated Self Serve Library Management Solution from SkyRFID Inc.

SkyRFID announces their new easy to use, touch screen based, self serve library solutions for small or large collections. Available with access control and a wide variety of RFID reader writers, the touch screen MS SQL solution operates with ISO 14443A, ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3, and even ISO 18092 for NFC contactless payments using Smart Cards or NFC equipped cell phones.

New York, NY, June 12, 2009 --( SkyRFID Inc. recently announced the availability of their new Automated Self Serve Library Management Solution. This new Microsoft SQL database solution allows patrons to access the facility with their RFID patron cards and select their item choices from the easy to use touch screens that are conveniently located throughout the facility. Multiple search functions allow looking for items by titles, descriptions, categories, sub categories and more, making it very easy to find what they are looking for.

Facility defined locations provide unlimited location control and the screens display the Aisle and Shelf Location of each item. If a selection is not in stock the patron can effortlessly reserve it and be automatically notified when their selection is subsequently available. For those patrons who like to select multiple items that may be located in disparate locations, they can simply touch the screen to receive a printout of their choices complete with location information.

Checking out is just a matter of displaying their patron access card near the RFID reader at the checkout workstation and then passing their items over the same reader while visually observing each item as its checked out on the display screen. Once done they simply leave the facility without any attendant required.

For overdue items the system can provide automatic notifications either by normal mail or by electronic email if the system has an internet connection. For those organizations that charge an amount for overdue items, they can deploy the latest PC/SC CCID NFC Smart Card Readers allowing both smart cards and NFC cell phones to provide secured instant payments

The staff also has touch screen and additionally the use of keyboards is supported for the numerous administrative functions such as adding new items. A Bar code scanner can also be used to transfer the IDSN information directly to a new RFID label.

This new offering includes RFID Access Patron Cards to allow patron’s immediate access to the facility for special events with the doors locked preventing the general public from gaining access during those times.

SkyRFID can provide the entire solution including the MS SQL server, numerous choices of high quality touch screens and long life RFID labels which can be pre-printed in full color with graphics. Full implementation, training and support are also available for most North American locations. For out of North America SkyRFID provides the solution through local alliances.

About SkyRFID Inc.
SkyRFID is a privately held Canadian company specializing in Automated Data Collection (ADC) solutions that use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. SkyRFID has over 20 years of experience in ADC and supplies everything from a single consulting engagement to a complete turnkey global solution. SkyRFID maintains its global presence through its skilled strategic partners that provide local RFID implementations, assistance and support. SkyRFID provides RFID solutions in all passive RFID frequencies and in 433Mhz and 2.4 GHz active technologies. Their specialties are Asset Management, Access Control, Document Management, Library Systems, Field Service, Manufacturing, Parking Management, Supply Chain, Warehousing and Distribution, Weapons Management, Event Management, Fleet Maintenance, and Custom Designer Tags.

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