MobilMine™ Prevents Cell Phone Plan Overages

Latest solution from Motolingo alerts users when close to minutes and messages limits

Tulsa, OK, June 12, 2009 --( Motolingo LLC today released MobilMine 2.0 for preventing minutes and text messaging overages in monthly cell phone plans.

With more and more people and families trading in their landlines for wireless phones, monthly call minutes are on the rise and carriers are cashing in. At $0.45 per minute, carriers such as AT&T can truly benefit from a customer losing track of their minutes.

The use of text messaging (SMS) is also ever-increasing and providing another source of revenue for carriers. Charles Nesser, co-founder of Motolingo can vouch for that. “Our family has gone over the limit for several months but our usage varies dramatically from month to month so we haven’t upgraded to an unlimited plan. We didn’t want to pay for an unlimited plan when we wouldn’t get the value out of it each month. Now, we can automatically get warnings and curb our usage as needed.”

In addition to helping with overages, MobilMine 2.0 includes the ability to back-up contacts. The application will periodically record all contacts to a file and email to a personal account for future retrieval. In the event of a lost, stolen or damaged phone, MobilMine users can simply import the saved contacts using MobilMine.

While saving the contacts list, MobilMine 2.0 can archive all incoming and outgoing text messages by sending an email every day, week or month with the messages attached to the email. Unlike synchronization, the messages are saved in a separate file that is available for retrieval, even after messages are removed from the mobile phone.

The software is now available at for $9.95 and is compatible with Windows Mobile operating systems and plans from Verizon and AT&T.

Motolingo LLC
Mitch Todd