Celebrities and the Law Collide on Updated Popsquire Web Site

Popsquire has announced the re-launch of their web site, http://www.popsquire.com, where they dish the celebrity dirt and focus on the legal aspects regarding the public and private antics of those who are in the limelight.

Los Angeles, CA, June 13, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Popsquire, the brainchild of entertainment reporter and “Rising Super Lawyer” Russell Wetanson, is known as the web site where “pop culture and law collide”. Celebrities seem to have more than their fair share of legal issues, often on the wrong side of the law. Some pop culture icons have practically made a career out of their legal troubles, often appearing in the media more for their behavior, than for their talents. Others, as the targets of stalkers and the like, present another front to the pop culture-law collision, as innocent victims of criminal actions. Either way, when popular culture and the law butt heads, Pop Squire is there to bring you an intelligent analysis of the situation. “It’s always fun collaborating with Popsquire,” says Hollywood Confidential host Leeza Gibbons. “I am a Popsquire fan.”

The Popsquire blog presents an insightful view of each day's events, as celebrities and their associates do and say things that could land them in criminal or civil court. Whether it's a drunken assault, drunk driving, a blatant breach of contract, even robbery, kidnapping, or murder, if it involves a pop culture luminary, then you'll find it in the Popsquire blog.

Popsquire is updated every day, with multiple entries of celebrity news. The web site's high visibility owes much to the television, radio and print media appearances of the site's “mouthpiece”, Russell Wetanson, which immeasurably aid the marketing campaign for popsquire.com.

About Popsquire: Russell Wetanson, Popsquire's resident legal expert, is an ongoing contributor to TV Guide Network’s “Hollywood 411,” Leeza Gibbons’ syndicated “Hollywood Confidential,” and “Showbiz Tonight” on HLN, and is part of US Weekly's “Fashion Police”. As a high-profile entertainment lawyer, he can count pop icon Madonna among his clients, and he combines his legal expertise and his personal familiarity with the pop-culture realm to bring a unique perspective to reporting celebrity news.

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