New “Power Packs” Boosting Literacy in Children

Educational company introduces product that unlocks natural learning abilities in children.

Seattle, WA, June 16, 2009 --( P Crew, LLC, a Seattle-based educational aids Company, announces release of its new, innovative Write Way To Learn(R) ‘Power Pack,’ a highly effective teaching tool for parents and teachers to use with children to make reading and writing a fun, happy, and hands-on activity. The Earth-friendly products are available through the company website -

Extensive studies performed by researchers and educators over the last half-century have concluded that all people possess innate “Learning Styles” and “Multiple Intelligences.” Simply put, each person has one or more individual, different ways in which he or she learns most efficiently and effectively. When presented with a new concept in a manner which appeals to a person’s unique menu of Learning Style(s), he or she naturally learns the concept easier and with better retention.

The proprietary Write Way To Learn(R) ‘Power Packs’ provide a multi-sensory approach that covers all the various Learning Styles at once, so the child uses and responds to those in his or her innate menu, making learning easy and effective for every child. In addition, the Company’s Learning Card sets can be personalized with pictures of the child’s family members, pets and favorite things.

Jennifer Hanes, a teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico, claims Write Way To Learn(R) “sparks a child’s interest in learning.” Natalie Godshall, a mother in Portland, Oregon, states, “I must say, as a mom it was so rewarding watching my son write his letters for the first time.”

The distinctive, patent pending Write Way To Learn(R) tools were originally created through a Mother’s desire to enhance her children’s fundamental educational skills. The Company’s new 'Power Pack' offers simple learning, backed by the best ideas in the educational world. It is the product of years of research and testing by teachers, learning specialists, parents, homeschool parents, occupational and speech therapists, librarians, and children.

While the Company’s innovative learning tools are primarily developed for children ages 3-8, older children can also benefit by using the same tools to learn American Sign Language. Foreign language products are currently under development.

For additional information on Write Way To Learn(R) ‘Power Packs,’ visit -

About P Crew, LLC / Write Way To Learn(R): Founded by a mother in the Pacific Northwest, the Company’s mission is to promote confidence and literacy in children. The Company manufactures its learning tools on Bainbridge Island, Washington, and the products are sold through the company website and select retail locations.

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