Cold Shipping: An Elegant EOS Remediation Solution

EOS Remediation routinely ships EOS®, AquaBupH™ and other enhanced bioremediation products around the world. But recently, a South African firm requested two large shipments of bioaugmentation cultures from NC to the their location – including 31 hours of commercial airline transit. Cultures are extremely sensitive to any changes in temperature. EOS Remediation developed a solution that meet the clients needs and proved their ability to ship thermally controlled cultures globally.

Raleigh, NC, June 17, 2009 --( After completing the initial stages of biostimulation on two large industrial sites with EOS® and AquaBupH™ products, a South African firm requested two EOS Remediation specialty cultures – BAC-9™ and ENV-TCA 20™ for bioaugmentation. The requirements for shipping were strict. During transit for at least seven days, these cultures required a chilled environment between 2° and 6° C to maintain viability– challenges which EOS Remediation had not faced despite routine international shipping.

EOS Remediation specified the fabrication details of specialized containers and insulation materials to contract manufacturers. Then, their engineering team tested the shipping system and shipping approach which would enable them to maintain the viability of the cultures.

EOS Remediation was confident throughout the process that they develop an efficient and cost-effective solution, but they also worked carefully with their client to develop a shipping approach that would fulfill the clients needs.

Once EOS Remediation received the containers from the supplierand gained confidence in their approach, they shipped the cultures, using their routine expediting expertise to deliver the product on time, including appropriate Customs and air transport clearances. The proof of their success is the testimonial they received from their client:

“The cultures arrived safe and sound around 14:00 today. If I had realized what a fine job of insulation had been done, I would have been very much less concerned [when I placed the order].”

EOS Remediation, LLC
Gary M. Birk, P.E.