New Marketplace Website Revolutionizes the Sale of Carbon Offsets

Kuzuka Features Offsets from 12 Leading Carbon Retailers, Bringing Convenience and Consistency to Customers.

Exeter, Canada, June 14, 2009 --( The Kuzuka carbon offset marketplace has recently launched, ushering in a new era of convenience and consistency for people seeking high quality carbon offsets.

Kuzuka features offsets from a network of 12 of the world’s most reputable carbon offset retailers, including Terrapass, co2balance, and Offset the Rest. Kuzuka lists over 35 projects from around the world, including selections certified to the Gold Standard, Voluntary Carbon Standard, and the Climate Action Reserve.

The carbon offset shopping experience is enhanced in a number of ways at Kuzuka. It offers convenient one-stop shopping where customers can easily find projects based on the location or type. Most importantly, all of the retailers in the network use one common carbon calculator for sales on the Kuzuka website. This makes carbon footprint calculations consistent and convenient for everyone and allows for true comparison shopping.

Prior to Kuzuka, shopping for carbon offsets meant navigating through the websites of dozens of individual retailers of varying levels of quality and credibility. Each of these offset retailers used their own methods for calculating a customer’s carbon footprint which often produced radically different results for the same person or family.

“We wanted to reduce the burden on the carbon offset customer by simplifying and streamlining the entire process, and we think we have accomplished that,” said Steve Boles, co-founder of Kuzuka. “We have done a lot of due diligence to include only the most respected and trusted retailers in our network. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of the equation so that our customers can be confident that they are purchasing from high-quality, genuine offset projects.”

Carbon offsets can be purchased by businesses, individuals or families who want to go the extra mile to reduce their carbon footprint. Their investments help fund greenhouse gas reduction projects such as reforestation, wind farms or other forms of alternative energy.

About Kuzuka:

Kuzuka is a Swahili word that means “wake up”, “emerge”, and “grow”. Kuzuka Ltd. was founded by husband and wife team Jenni and Steve Boles in 2008 to promote awareness of carbon footprint reduction strategies for individuals, families and businesses. The marketplace website for retail carbon offsets ( provides convenient one-stop shopping and search capabilities from a network of 12 leading carbon retailers. Kuzuka also provides a number of corporate carbon management consulting services ( including greenhouse gas inventories, carbon footprint reduction strategies, carbon credit feasibility studies, and marketing and promotion of corporate sustainability efforts. Kuzuka has formed a partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada in an effort to generate awareness and donations for the organization’s wildlife conservation and education initiatives.

Kuzuka Ltd.
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