is Now On-Air to Help Small Businesses Dominate the Google Searches

With official launch of, the advertiser can now avail the system developed by the company that can generate search results on first page of Google within 12-48 hours of implementation.

Gilbert, AZ, June 15, 2009 --( has formally launched its services on its website to train small businesses, entrepreneurs and SEO’s how develop and retain their dominance on search engine sites like Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and others. The website claims to use unique techniques that enable users’ listings to appear on first page searches with given keywords and multiple impressions on same page within 12-48 hours.

“For effective online advertising, all businesses, whether they are landscapers, real estate, mortgage brokers, automobile dealers, event planners or dentists, will benefit from first page results for their website on major search engines again and again”, says Michael Eberhardt, spokesman of, “We have discovered a demonstrated techniques that insures nearly one hundred percent results when businesses learn to think like searchers rather then an advertiser. All search engines use spiders that crawl over the internet constantly to look for best results matching searched keyword or a combination of keywords. We have discovered what these spiders look for, how often they look, and thus we are able to produce consistent results for our users to appear on first page of search results quickly and frequently.”

The services of include online webinars and in person trainings to their customers on how to implement their system in a few hours that results in promoting their listings to first page searches in a short time, often as little as 12 hours. The 2 hour on screen webinar or in person training class includes an instructional manual and on-screen demonstration to help the customer create an online listing and how often and where to post it enable instant ranking as soon as the search spiders locate see it. provides 100% money back guarantee if the system is unable to produce first search page results in 72 hours.

For more information, please call Michael Eberhardt at 1-480-463-5789 or email at

About is a US-based Internet advertizing company offering inexpensive advertising solutions to small and medium businesses across the world. It has developed Internet Blitz ™, a system which produces first page results for its users on major search engines including Google within 24-72 hours. It enables small businesses and entrepreneurs to compete with big businesses in online advertisement by spending a very small amount as compared to that spent on PPC and other online advertising methods. The company offers 100% money back guarantee in case the system fails to deliver desired results.

Michael Eberhardt
Gilbert, AZ