Hurricane Katrina Anniversary to be Marked in Two Dozen Cities by Bike Ride Against Global Warming

Portland, OR, August 16, 2006 --( Thousands of cyclists will be marking Hurricane Katrina's anniversary in two dozen cities across the US and Canada. Participants aim to raise awareness about the hurricane’s survivors and the effects of climate change on catastrophic weather.

Locations as diverse as Asheville, North Carolina and Winnipeg, Manitoba will be hosting the event. More than 500 participants are expected in both Chicago and San Francisco.

The rides will be taking place on Friday, August 25th. Times will vary by city.

Bike riders from “Critical Mass” have organized the ride in conjunction with the climate change action group Rising Tide North America.

The ride intends to serve two purposes:
1) Drawing attention to the links between fossil fuels, climate change and hurricanes, highlighting bicycling as a sustainable alternative.
2) Reminding the public about Katrina’s survivors and fundraising for ongoing relief and advocacy efforts.

Critical Mass is a worldwide movement of cyclists riding monthly to promote bicycling as an alternative to car and to assert cyclists rights.

Rising Tide North America works to support and encourage people and grassroots groups in taking action against the causes of climate change.

Brian Fleming (Rising Tide North America)
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Rising Tide North America
Brian Fleming