Designobjects and Artworks Beneath the Surface - A New Home for Young Artists and Young Designers -

Mannheim, Germany, June 15, 2009 --( ARCADEMI is the new online portal for the promotion of young artists and designers. Just like „pearl divers“ the makers of ARCADEMI detect unique and innovative works exploring fairs, college reviews and the internet in order to present them on the platform Unique is also the fusion of several design and art disciplines under one umbrella: fashion, jewelry, interior, products and graphic design as well as paintings, scupltures, photography, drawings, collages, prints and new media.

ARCADEMI showcases a handpicked selection of limited editions produces by independent labels and exclusive unique pieces from streetstyle to fine arts.
ARCADEMI is being supported by a group of friends and advisors with a proven track record in the art and design field, among them designer Christian Haas, industrial designer Thies Wulf, art historian Ulrike Garvert and architects Thomas Lewang and Robert Hagl.

"Any artists or designer can create their own website, of course. And any gallery owner, collector, and producer can search for new talents on the internet. What ARACDEMI offers additionally is the immediacy of how artists and designers as well as gallery owners, and companies, i.e. both sides of the often unpenetrable art and design market, can meet on a common platform to present themselves and to build up a network“, explains Ulrike Garvert the ARCADEMI idea.

The platform considers itself to be a starting point for highly trained, international creators, students and producers on their way to the design and art market, and as an address for lovers of beautiful things with a sense for young art and young design.

„At the beginning of ARCADEMI, there was the idea to open doors to young courageous creators – doors to an often closed market, a reputation, a standing, a future“, says Ina Yamaguchi, art director and co-founder of ARCADEMI. „ARCADEMI wants to be a home for talented newcomers offering them a place to be side-by-side with like-minded people and to present themselves to an international audience and market.“

To discover talents, promote young design and young art, a new home got up-and-coming creators and an address for sophisticated consumers – these art he goals ARACDEMI is aiming for. The platform was founded in December 2008 presenting roundabout 800 objects from several art and design disciplines.

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