Wise Point Investments Helps Thousands to Secure Business Credit

Denver, CO, June 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Wise Point Investments has been created to serve the public demand for increased business credit development. Founder Chris Wise is a self-made millionaire who has developed a step-by-step, comprehensive plan for the efficient creation of passive income streams and for procuring capital and cash. His plan is available for all people in need of knowledge and mentoring concerning all aspects of increasing net worth.

Mr. Wise states, "What drove me was not being able to have the things that I wanted in my life. I just couldn't afford them. I turned that repression into a passionate inspiration to seek out and discover the most effective methods for accessing capital - and then using that capital to develop completely passive income streams." He continues, "I want for people to really grasp the concepts of what I teach. It is simply imperative for their success."

It takes capital to be able to make investments. Capital is the essential ingredient necessary for any human to begin generating passive income streams. Chris Wise, the Credit Line Millionaire, has developed a proven system that teaches the masses exactly how to procure a staggering amount of capital to make these lucrative investments with. Mr. Wise further states, "Everyone can use the system that I have spent 9 years developing to quickly acquire all of the funding they will ever need to become truly financially independent. It is a pleasure for me to help them and I now look at it as my personal calling in life."

While millions talk every day about what bad shape the economy is in, there are others who look at the situation in a different light - a positive light. "There are literally thousand of banks across the country that are just begging to lend people money. That's how they make their profits - not by just sitting on their money." Mr. Wise says. "I teach people which banks to approach, what to say to them and how to walk out of each one with a minimum of $25,000. That is the purpose of my system - and I continue to prove its effectiveness on a daily basis."

Wise Point Investments
Chris Wise