Lee Mirman Honored in Washington, D.C. as One of America’s "Heroes of Small Business"

Sarasota, FL, June 16, 2009 --(PR.com)-- On Wednesday, May 20th, 2009, Lee Mirman, broker/owner of Investments in Sarasota, was one of nine speakers at a U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business celebratory hearing entitled “Heroes of Small Business” which aimed to acknowledge the role entrepreneurs play in job creation and the economic landscape.

“As Americans reevaluate the old way of doing business, we are increasingly looking to small firms. Men and women like yourselves, who are the real heroes of American industry. Today, we celebrate you,” said Nydia M. Velázquez, D-New York, committee chairwoman, in her opening statement.

Entrepreneurs were each given five minutes to discuss the successes of their businesses and how they have contributed to getting the economy moving. Lee Mirman’s live speech can be viewed at www.investmentsinsarasota.com homepage.

In his presentation, Mirman chose “not to focus on the processes that led to [his] success but rather the underlying philosophies.” He stressed the importance of establishing strong business relationships and looking for opportunities for collaboration.

"Relationships are fundamental in our company. We seek out the win/win by interacting with each individual we come in contact with with respect and integrity... making decisions based on the long term relationship is a sustainable business practice."

Mirman also said that his instincts have led him to adopt a more global perspective to business.

“Diversifying to international markets makes sense pragmatically,” he said. “Investors still need to put their money to work for higher returns and we have identified opportunities abroad.”

In addition, Mirman advocated the continued pursuit of sustainable business practices and said that he and along with his wife Lisa Mirman “aim to be emissaries in this respect.”

“Our goal is progress, not perfection...seeking out opportunities to contribute to keeping our air, land, and water cleaner to set an example,” he said.

Investments in Sarasota’s mission is to provide real estate sales and investment services with superior analysis and insights of domestic and international trends. The Sarasota-based company is currently establishing sister company, Investments in Costa Rica, which offers a host of investment and residential ownership opportunities in the emerging market of Costa Rica, with the priority of aligning with projects and partners that embrace sustainable practices. The company was awarded Sarasota Magazine’s Five Star Real Estate Award: Best in Client Satisfaction for two consecutive years. This recognition comes from operating with the utmost knowledge, skill and integrity. The company may be accessed worldwide at www.investmentsinsarasota.com

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