Bio-Hygienic Clean Air Technology Will Capture and Destroy Any Air Pollution Without Filters

Patented system first of its kind.

Boston, MA, June 18, 2009 --( Bio-Cascade, Inc. is excited to announce the worlds first and only 100% Bio-Hygienic Clean Air System. This extremely effective system uses the patented CAP™ Clean Air Plant Technology. The CAP™ systems remove pollution by neutralizing charged particulates which carry pollutants; they are then drawn into the unit where they are destroyed by a specially designed Bio-Enzyme BioOx®. Systems require no filters and are superior to Carbon Filters in both cost and effectiveness.

Proven to consume and destroy

VOC’s Mold and other spores
Odors of ANY kind
Chemical and solvent fumes
Printing Process odors and fumes
Hair and Nail Salon odors and fumes
Carbon Monoxide and other gases
Diesel Particles of all sizes
Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia
Dust and much more.

Other benefits include: Reduce odor nuisance complaints, increase manufacturing activities, drastically reduce energy usage and costs by reducing air exchange, improve indoor air quality, lower absenteeism and related health expenses, promote good Environmental practices.

Founded in 2005, Bio-Cascade is the master distributor for the CAP™ Products. Their mission is to provide customers with the most professional, efficient and reliable solutions to their air and water pollution problems. They pride themselves in providing top quality customer service and satisfaction. Please visit their website to view more information including many client testimonials.

Bio-Cascade, Inc.
John Vallier