Pressure Sensors and Ultrasonic Sensors Directory Hits Marketplace

Online Industrial Trade Show publisher ArriveNEWS introduced today its new buying guide focusing on level sensors, ultrasonic and pressure sensors

Pittsburgh, PA, June 20, 2009 --(, a division of the Industrial Leaders Group (ILG) and founder of IITS, a virtual trade show for manufacturing professionals announced today the launch of its new directory and marketplace of pressure sensors, ultrasonic and level sensors on its website at The company reported the site is designed to connect industrial sensor designers, manufacturers and exporters with buyers in domestic and international markets.

According to an ArriveNEWS spokesperson, Michael Savage, the site includes a specialized vertical directory featuring offerings for a variety of ultrasonic sensors and allied products for machine, motion control, industrial process, measuring, testing, analyzing, indicating and monitoring applications at Savage said the publication focuses primarily on US-based manufacturers and distributors of sensors and indicators serving national and overseas markets.

"Companies sourcing for sensing and indicating devices can use the marketplace and guide from ArriveNEWS and the ILG network to locate suitable suppliers able to meet their needs for such products," said Savage. He added, "The site includes offers from hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers selling a wide range of industrial sensors for virtually every manufacturing application associated with electronics, processing, machining, water treatment and other industries."

ArriveNEWS also recently introduced in partnership with IndustrialCOOP a directory of level sensors at The directory is designed to provide information, catalog reviews and thumbnail pictures on different websites and companies specializing in the supply of different sensing tools, equipment and devices. Additional information is available on the site.

About ArriveNEWS

ArriveNEWS ( ) is the organizer of the International Industrial Trade Show (IITS), an online expo for the manufacturing community designed to promote members of the Industrial Leaders Group, an international industry directory and portal for companies looking to buy and sell industrial supplies, equipment and machinery.

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Donald LaBelle