Agents of Change: Coaches Help Businesses Thrive in Recession

ActionCOACH CEO Brad Sugars highlights the benefits of business coaching as an alternative to conventional training and consulting

Las Vegas, NV, June 19, 2009 --( According to ActionCOACH CEO Brad Sugars, many of his company’s clients are going against convention by disproving the idea that they need to operate at a loss during the current economic downturn.

“We have a saying at ActionCOACH, and that’s, ‘What recession? I have an ActionCOACH,’ and from the results and testimonials we’ve received from all over the world, our customers are taking that to heart,” he says. “They are proving that there truly is more opportunity in a down turn than can ever be found in a boom.”

While many independent consultancies and coaches are struggling, many of the top coaches in the ActionCOACH franchise system are having their best years ever. Sugars says there are a number of reasons for this.

“First of all, business owners who thought they needed help a year or so ago know they need it now,” he says. “They are also looking for a program where the guidance is more of a business mentorship, one that holds them accountable to their company’s results. That’s what coaching is all about.”

In addition to holding an owner accountable to benchmarks, Business Coaches use questions to get to the root of issues or challenges within a business, allowing the owner to develop a plan of action to overcome the challenge.

This is in contrast to a consultant, who typically doesn’t hold a client accountable, and who is more task and project-oriented – leaving when the job is complete.

“These are tough economic times for many owners – most of whom have never had to navigate a company through a slow down,” Sugars says. “It’s much more valuable to have someone you can turn to and call on the phone when you need help, versus getting a report from consultant you’ll never see again. For our company, the down turn has helped open a lot of owner’s eyes to the value of our type of service.”

Testimonials from ActionCOACH clients worldwide in some cases show exponential revenue and profit gains, multiple openings of branches and locations, and new hiring – all trends that go against the current economic climate of negative growth and layoffs.

One ActionCOACH client, J&K Electrical Services in Stockton, California, increased revenues 115% year-over-year, while another, Hands on Healing, also based in Stockton, increased sales 35% in just two months.

In the UK, ActionCOACH clients have also seen tremendous success. One company, Centurai Limited, increased revenues 50%, while ClearFirst Services, Ltd. increased revenues 41%.

“The bottom-line is that coaching works, and it works for any business, in any category, in every company we operate in and even during our period of ‘economic winter,’” Sugars says.

His advice for business owners who may be struggling?

“Get your marketing in place and go after your current customers, they are your best assets right now,” he says. “Know your numbers and streamline where you can – but know you can only cut so much and you can never cut your way to long-term profits. In order to survive, you’re going to have to grow.”

And what’s the easiest and fastest way to do that?

“Get a Business Coach,” he says. “It’s literally one of the best business investments you could ever make.”

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