New Sub pptv-Level Limit of Detection for VOC Analysis with IONICON PTR-MS

Innsbruck, Austria, June 22, 2009 --( IONICON, the worlds’ leading PTR-MS company, is setting a new benchmark for on-line VOC monitoring / real-time mass spectrometry, for the first time touching a ppqv-range (parts per quadrillion) detection limit.

IONICON PTR-MS technology is trusted by scientists all over the world with good reason and is known for a market-leading single-digit pptv-level detection limit for most VOCs.

With the new PTR+SRI-MS featuring not only H3O+ but also O2+ and NO+ to chemically ionize a sample, IONICON has taken this proven technology one step further.

For this new line of IONICON PTR-MS instruments the sensitivity has been greatly enhanced for all three precursor ions yielding an unmatched detection limit in the several 100 ppqv-range that has been recorded using an off-the-shelve, IONICON High-Sensitivity PTR-Quad-MS instrument with SRI capabilities.

This important achievement is the outcome of IONICON’s commitment to excellence in engineering and to a continuous technological evolution IONICON shares with its PTR-MS customers.

IONICON is the world’s leading producer of on-line VOC detectors with market-leading, on-line and real-time, single-digit, pptv-level sensitivities using the unique proton transfer reaction – mass spectrometry technology. For more than a decade, IONICON is serving leading scientists in universities and multinational companies with VOC detection and quantification instruments in many different areas including environmental research, pollution monitoring, atmospheric chemistry, food & flavour science and illicit substances.

The IONICON product range comprises the IONICON High-Sensitivity PTR-MS with its market-leading detection limit of < 5 pptv; the IONICON Compact PTR-MS, a very robust and small VOC monitoring system with a very advantageous price and the IONICON HRS PTR-TOF-MS providing a mass resolution of up to 7000 m/∆m.

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