Princeton University's Orange Key Campus Tour

Brooklyn, NY, June 22, 2009 --( Princeton University – one of the most prestigious and beautiful universities in the United States – opened its gates to students of FUSIA’s Cross-Cultural Internship Program (CCIP) with a campus tour. The tour gave a glimpse of the university's rich history, character and scenic beauty as well as a brief look into campus life.

The Orange Key Campus tour began at the Chancellor Green Library. A testament to high Victorian Gothic style with its stained-glass windows and rich ornamentation, the library set the mood for the tour. Students continued taking in the sights with the Princeton University Chapel and Harvey S. Firestone Memorial Library.

"The architecture here is just so beautiful. The gargoyles and tall arches are incredible. You'll never find this much delicacy and sophistication in the buildings in Singapore," said Joyce Teo, a New Media undergraduate from National University of Singapore.

FUSIA/CCIP students also learned of Princeton culture’s musical side. "Arch Sings", an annual series of late-night concerts featuring Princeton's acappella groups singing under arches all around campus, proved to be yet another delight for FUSIA/CCIP students.

"There’s just so much life and culture. They have a tradition called ‘Dean's Date’ where undergrads gather outside McCosh Hall to cheer on fellow students submitting written work at semester’s end. I’d love to be a part of that experience myself," said Cheong Hong Yee, a year three student from Hong Kong Lingnan University.

The tour concluded with an age-old Princeton legend that said any undergraduate who walked through the university's FitzRandolph Gateway before graduating would not graduate with their class. FUSIA/CCIP students, gladly carrying a piece of the tradition, were careful to take the other gates leaving the campus.

The Princeton University Orange Key Campus tour gave FUSIA students a glimpse of a campus brimming with culture, history and tradition. Guo Chengning, a Hong Kong Polytechnic University student said, "The architecture, the history – they’re beautiful. I'm glad I came. And by talking with students I learned even more about Princeton life."

Continuing the American university experience, on June 18, FUSIA/CCIP students went to Manhattan to visit Columbia University, another member of the Ivy League and a world-leader in academics and research.

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Elizabeth Kay