Sex, Truth, and Audiotape: The Sexual Duplicity of American Women

Author and Talk Radio Host Alan Roger Currie will soon reveal his more risqué alter ego in a new podcast series entitled "The Erotic Conversationalist."

Hollywood, CA, June 21, 2009 --( In 1989, Filmmaker Steven Soderbergh treated movie audiences to a very provocative film entitled "Sex, Lies, and Videotape." The film went on to garner a number of nominations and wins, including a Cannes Film Festival Best Actor win for James Spader as 'Graham Dalton,' who had a fetish for interviewing women on videotape about their innermost thoughts about sex, monogamy vs. promiscuity, and their most lustful fantasies.

Twenty years later, Alan Roger Currie will adopt the entertaining pseudonym of "The Erotic Conversationalist," which will have Currie interviewing women about sex, monogamy vs. promiscuity, sexual duplicity and erotic fantasies in a series of podcast discussions. Each podcast episode produced by Mode One Multimedia, Inc. will then become available for download at a rate ranging from $1.99 per mp3 file to $5.99

Currie is best known for being the author of the popular paperback, "Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking," which encourages single men to express their romantic and/or sexual desires, interests and intentions to women in a more highly self-assured, upfront and straightforwardly honest manner.

Currie is also the Host of a Talk Radio Show on the BlogTalkRadio Internet Talk Radio Network entitled, "Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie," where he has interviewed dozens of relationship experts, dating coaches and seduction gurus from all over the country and internationally.

"My BlogTalkRadio show is primarily 'PG-13' in nature," says Currie. "I want to get into more in-depth conversations about the erotic art of exchanging orgasms between men and women as well as the challenge and frustration for many women feeling obligated to present themselves to the world as the proverbial 'good girl,' while frequently repressing their more free-spirited and uninhibited thoughts and desires."

Currie empathizes with women who are constantly labeled, criticized and ostracized if they give off even a hint of deviating from society's puritan sexual mores and long-standing standard of monogamous values and conventional sexual behavior. "Men get a 'pass' by society when it comes to exploring our sensuality and sowing our wild oats ... but the vast majority of women aren't afforded that same privilege. This is why you see so many women exhibiting sexually duplicitous behavior. This needs to be discussed in detail, and I'm the best man I know for the job."

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