Women's Book Club Rips Recession from Repertoire

A book club studying the teachings of Napoleon Hill has quickly became a powerful women’s mastermind group focusing on the powers of social media, and a will to beat the recession. Even though many of these women had never had an online presence, several are now making successful connections and sales online, all because of the Moxie Mafia mastermind groups.

Grand Junction, CO, June 22, 2009 --(PR.com)-- It all started when Jennifer Kettlewell, Vice President of Kettlewell Enterprises, pulled together a group of women once a month to explore and discuss business books together. The businesses are varied from real estate agent to artist to air purification, but they all have one thing in common – they were women entrepreneurs.

These women entrepreneurs spent the next 6 months exploring Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”, a book that is famed by entrepreneurs worldwide. As these women grew with this knowledge-rich book, they took the principles of Hill and started to build their own mastermind group. They started with only a handful, and have grown to over a dozen women, and call themselves the Fab4um, this is cute shorthand for Fabulous Forum.

Recessionary times bring a need to do business a little differently. Each woman involved in this mastermind understood that if they continued to do the same things as they always had, it just wouldn’t work. Take Sally D’Agostino for instance, she is the official artist for Mike the Headless Chicken. She never dreamed that a strong online presence or social media would be beneficial. Yet, once she created her Facebook fan page she began to receive orders from across the country.

And selecting Facebook was no accident. According to a joint survey with BlogHer, iVillage and Compass Partners, there are over 42 million women that are active online doing some sort of social networking, and 75% of those are using Facebook. With over 31 million women active on Facebook every week, it’s an easy choice to have a presence on Facebook, and be where the other active women are.

This didn’t all happen overnight, and wasn’t always an easy road to navigate. It was also more than just getting online. This was an orchestrated effort that included blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Zazzle, Café Press, authoring, and so much more.

Fab4um was dedicated to success and it showed by their weekly participation. Learning something new each week and implementing that new skill as the week progressed. Taking it even further by using their newly formed mastermind group to bounce ideas around, accelerate their thinking, and engage new markets.

After a while, they began meeting weekly at the kitchen table of fellow mastermind member Amy Carmichael. All the women in attendance would bring their laptops and a willingness to learn. What started as an experiment in Facebook marketing, quickly turned into something bigger. Much bigger.

These women were hungry for success. They not only proved that success was possible, but they also continue to raise the bar with each mastermind meeting they have.

As a result of all this success, Jennifer Kettlewell put together a book, supplemental materials, a support blog and a step-by-step plan to help women create their own successful mastermind group with the teachings of social media. She calls her system Moxie Mafia

Moxie Mafia officially launched in June of 2009 to provide women entrepreneurs an avenue to band together and be successful with online social media. Moxie Mafia ( www.MoxieMafia.com/blog) is a part of Kettlewell Enterprises, Inc. (www.Kettlewell.net)

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