SpyPhone for Nokia N97 and Windows Mobile Already Released

An advanced solution to bug and convert a mobile to a spy phone.

Rio, Brazil, June 23, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Even before the Nokia N97 is release, a new spy phone developer has already made the spy phone suite available for Nokia N97. They also claim to have the spy phone software for Windows Mobile which should be slated to release very shortly. MobileBugStore also claims to be a manufacturer of the software and assures that it can make any customized changes in the software. They also offer remote restart functionality and the ability to remotely reboot the device. The spy phone suite contains of Spy Phone, Call Interceptor, SMS Interceptor, Location and the ability to bug a device even when the phone is switched off.

A Hi-Tech software development specializing in development of software for Symbian enabled mobile phones has advanced the technology of intercepting mobile phone calls and text messages. MobileBugStore Ltd seems to be the only company to develop a Spy Phone Solution as a 100% software based solution which customers can download and convert their phones into a Spy Device within seconds.

Currently, customers can only purchase physical handsets which have been modified to become spyphones. Several competitors are offering physical handsets, but this software is the first in the industry to present an option of converting an existing phone into a Spy Phone without any hardware tweaking.

The process of converting involves the installation of the spy software. The software controls the basic functions of the mobile phone such as incoming call handling, backlight, log engine and installation logs. This can be achieved with a normal installation procedure by the customer. MobileBugStore Ltd states that no hardware tweaking of any kind has to be performed and that there are no special steps for customizing the cell phone. The software is also invisible to the end user. No parts of the software can be traced to be installed on the phone or logs of incoming calls.

It might be that this breakthrough in the spying technology would revolutionize the industry as there seems to be a huge demand for this product worldwide. Anyway, for the moment, the technology covers only a limited number of Nokia mobile phones and additional amounts of investments are required to progress this software to cover additional handsets. Development of spyphone software is slow as the supply of qualified Symbian developers is low as compared to the demand in Europe. MobileBugStore Ltd is working to acquire resources and funding to develop the same software for other popular Symbian handsets.

The technology has successfully passed tests and is now available for sale on the Internet at www.mobilebugstore.com

Tim Jones