Axigen Mail Server Now Available for Solaris

Bucharest, Romania, August 21, 2006 --( In an ongoing effort to build up its messaging solutions product portfolio, and based on its flexible Multi Platform Architecture, Axigen announced today the commercial release of its mail server for Solaris i386.

“Two months ago we made a pledge to our customers to continue developing new versions for various operating systems, and we stand up to that pledge” stated Oana Bornaz, AXIGEN CEO. “After the recent release of AXIGEN for BSD-based platforms, our team is happy to launch today a tool which we believe will come in quite handy to Solaris sys admins all over the world. It is a quick and easy to deploy tool, as it takes less that 30 minutes to install it, and I mean including the AntiVirus and AntiSpam modules. These modules, alongside the SPF protocol, make this product a very secure and reliable one.”

Similarly to other AXIGEN products, AXIGEN Mail Server for Solaris i386 is a high performing product, with special storage capabilities, which allow that an e-mail message sent to multiple users of one particular domain, gets saved only once, thus efficiently managing space on the server. Specialized technical support is provided by the AXIGEN customer support team and is included in the cost of the product license.

“Given the high portability of our software, our R&D team was able to make extensive progress and is now putting the final touches to the new AXIGEN Mail Server version for MacOS. We are also planning to include a new port for Windows in the upcoming version 2.0, set to be release at the end of October,” added Oana Bornaz.

Company profile:
Founded in 2001, GECAD TECHNOLOGIES was first involved in technology research and project management and has initially offered services for antivirus industry. Since 2003, we have concentrated on a new technology: messaging solutions, under the brand AXIGEN.

Our mission is to build AXIGEN Mail Server to be a fast, reliable and secure internet messaging solution, offering the power and sturdiness of a carrier class mail server. Building trust in our products, as well as in our business relationships, we team-up with AXIGEN users and partners to achieve this goal.

GECAD TECHNOLOGIES is a member of the GECAD Group.

About AXIGEN Mail Server:
AXIGEN Mail Server, a fully self developed solution, is a solid, faultless communication tool for fast companies, designed by dedicated, experienced AXIGEN developers. The team has a 5-year history of expertise in technology research, information security, project management and messaging solutions.

This expertise now allows the development team to issue major updates regularly and observe an ambitious roadmap that includes MacOS and Windows versions, along with product functionality expansion. Oana Bornaz, AXIGEN CEO, best sums up these past two years of careful development and multi-million Euro investments: "We have built a fast, reliable and secure Internet messaging solution and we’re looking to make a difference on the world market with our product. We thank our users and business partners for trust and assure them they will greatly benefit from AXIGEN."

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Ioana SPIRIDONICA, Marketing Manager