Vine Park Begins Surly Growler Trade in

Surley sold more than 3,500 barrels of beer, which, by law, disqualified the brewer from selling Growlers in 2009. Vine Park Brewery located in St. Paul, is resolving this problem by stepping in.

St. Paul, MN, June 24, 2009 --( Surley Brewing based out of Minneapolis has been known for its Growlers - 64-ounce jugs of freshly-brewed beer. But in 2008, Surley sold more than 3,500 barrels of beer, which, by law, disqualified the brewer from selling Growlers in 2009. Growler fans have been dismayed with their inability to have their previously purchased Surley Growler 64 ounce jugs refilled. One of Minnesota’s most unusual breweries, Vine Park located in St. Paul, is resolving this problem for patrons who are missing their Growler beer.

Vine Park is allowing former Surley patrons to trade in their clean Surley Growlers for a Vine Park Growler or one of their many other beers, including the new Helles Lager, which is a light-colored lager, and the Black Bavarian, a medium-bodied German-style beer. Vine Park will accept up to two Growlers per customer in exchange. Patrons just pay for the fill and taxes, and can turn in their Surley Growler jug.

Regarded for its high value by loyal beer drinking patrons, the Vine Park Growler jug is just $5 and a fill costs $12 for 64 ounces of quality beer. Vine Park also offers the prepaid Growler “Year of Beer” card as an even more affordable option. For $100, customers can fill their Growler 12 times, which breaks down into $8 a fill and $44 in savings for the year.

Vine Park is unique in that it is the only brew-it-yourself-on-the-premises brewer in the Midwest. Vine Park provides the recipes, ingredients, equipment and a knowledgeable Brew Crew to offer novice to experienced beer brewers as much, or as little, help as desired.

Brewing times are available afternoons and evenings Tuesday through Friday and morning and afternoon times on Saturdays.

Vine Park Brewery, located off of West 7th Street in St. Paul, was established in 1995 and is still the only brewery in the Midwest where patrons can brew their own beer on the premises. Vine Park also offers wine makers the opportunity to handcraft their own wine. Vine Park’s state-of-the-art facility is equipped for customers to make their own ales, porters, stouts, wheats, lagers, pilsners and bocks. Wine drinkers also make their own pinot noir, pinot grigio, white zinfandel, chardonnay, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, Shiraz, and more. Vine Park Brewery also hosts special events such as its Annual Custom Wine Opportunity and its Annual Brews Cruise. River City Root Beer is also exclusively available at Vine Park Brewery in bottles and kegs.

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Dan Justesen