MiniFrame Partners with Netop

Leading multi-user software provider, MiniFrame, partners with Netop, world's leading provider of classroom management software, to provide customers with perfected user-experience at ultra-low cost.

Netanya, Israel, June 25, 2009 --( MiniFrame, the provider of multi-user software solutions, today announced its partnership with Netop, the world’s leading provider of classroom management software. Together, the two software vendors are able to offer customers the combined benefits of a cost-effective, state-of-the-art, multi-user IT suite with optimum classroom management facilities. Customers are now able to deploy Netop's cutting edge classroom management solution with a much lower investment. These combined solutions enable dramatic cost savings and extensive carbon footprint reductions with perfected classroom interoperability, making them the ultimate IT choice for schools worldwide.

"MiniFrame is continually expanding its strategic alliances with industry leaders, including hardware manufacturers and software developers, in order to realize our vision, enabled by our distribution channels, to provide end-users with a top performance, multi-user user experience. The compatibility between SoftXpand and Netop School6 marks another milestone for MiniFrame's multi-user revolution in school computing environments. We look forward to offering a perfected user experience and improved work efficiency with leading classroom management solutions such as Netop's," said MiniFrame CEO, Eli Segal.

“Since virtualization and multi-user solutions now represent a significant portion of the market, which is perhaps further fuelled by the current economic crisis, the collaboration between Netop and MiniFrame allows users to reap the benefits of our state-of-the-art class management solution, while enjoying the cost benefits provided by leading multi-user companies such as MiniFrame," said Ole Haag, Regional Sales Manager, Southern Europe, Netop. He continued; “this collaboration clearly indicates that Netop is able to adapt to market needs and develop software that supports leading classroom management solutions worldwide”.

MiniFrame's SoftXpand solution uses a unique load balancing, virtualization technique to transform a standard Windows PC into multiple independent workstations. Unlike thin client solutions, SoftXpand does not require proprietary hardware. Each SoftXpand workstation's performance is equal to the original host PC's performance, with SoftXpand supporting every type of application, including multimedia applications, video and flash, and in and out sound; the user experience is identical to that of a standard PC. With its proprietary technology, MiniFrame provides top performance computing at an ultra low cost at any given PC level, improving PC access in education, small medium business, call center, internet cafe and banking markets across developing and developed countries alike.

Netop School6 is the premier solution for computerized teaching from Netop, the world’s leading provider of classroom management software. Designed for educators who teach in networked classrooms or computer labs, Netop School6 incorporates powerful tools for preparation, instruction and evaluation in one complete solution. Share your computer screen with the class, supervise student computer work, lend a hand when needed, control application and internet use, distribute and collect documents, create tests and evaluate student progress. Only Netop School6 offers this complete, feature-rich set of tools in an intuitive new interface that is fully customizable to streamline your teaching process.

Benefits of MiniFrame's revolutionary multi-user software solutions include at least a 75 percent reduction in IT total cost of ownership, with extensive savings in the cost of hardware, maintenance, deployment, electricity, human resource productivity, overhead, space and logistics, as well as improved management and networking efficiency. Since SoftXpand requires only standard, off-the-shelf hardware, this revolutionary solution is aligned with hardware industry advancements, and therefore is able to transparently keep up with the best cost – performance ratio possible. Named the Ultimate Green IT Solution, SoftXpand shares the power of the host PC among all workstations, leading to significantly reduced energy consumption as well as lower CO2 emission levels, manufacturing, transportation, packaging, heat output and land fill.

Just in the last year, MiniFrame's awards include the prestigious Red Herring 100 Europe 2009 award, given to the top 100 innovative, private technology companies based in EMEA, the PC Plus Performance Award, the Green Apple Award, Bit Magazine's Best Software in 2008 Award, Channel Web's Recommended Trade Only Award and the Rolls-Royce's Innovation in Technology Award, to name a few.

About MiniFrame

MiniFrame's award winning, software-only multi-user solution, SoftXpand, provides a true alternative to standard PCs by turning a PC into multiple independent workstations with no compromise on performance. SoftXpand is green (Green Apple Award), top performance (PC Plus Performance Award) and innovative (Red Herring 100 Europe 2009). MiniFrame achieves its vision to provide software-based, multi-user computing solutions to any given market level at a fraction of the cost. No proprietary hardware is needed, which enables extensive reductions in computing costs (TCO), in addition to improving PC management and serving as the ultimate green IT solution. MiniFrame offers a unique window of opportunity to its channel partners; if you are interested in joining MiniFrame's distribution network or hearing about other alliances, email Read more at For media enquiries, please contact Talia Geberovich at

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