TFC Recycling and Virginia Beach City Public Schools - Environmental Partners

TFC Recycling and Virginia Beach City Public Schools enter into a partnership to bring additional recycling services into the classroom.

Chesapeake, VA, August 19, 2006 --( The Virginia Beach City Public Schools district took an innovative step today in its efforts to make the Hampton Roads community a “greener” place to live. The school district announced a new comprehensive recycling program as part of a larger environmental initiative (please see Virginian Pilot article by Lauren Roth, August 11, 2006, at

The program covers materials found in offices, classrooms and cafeterias including the following: all types of paper, including school paper, cardboard, newspaper, magazines, and unwanted mail, aluminum and steel cans, and plastic and glass bottles.

“Through the program, students and staff will be recycling all of these materials from the waste stream,” explained Ed Farmer of TFC Recycling. “By encouraging all to recycle, we can assist the school district in saving valuable resources and reducing trash disposal fees.”

“The City of Virginia Beach has long realized that recycling is important in the home environment. The school division has been recycling paper for a number of years. Virginia Beach City Public Schools has decided to expand their recycling commitment to include the same types of recyclables collection in the schools as they offer at home. We are thrilled that the Virginia Beach City Public Schools has taken the lead and decided upon this environmentally-friendly program for their students,” said Michael Benedetto, owner and vice president.

Benedetto gives credit for the schools’ recycling to two Virginia Beach City Public Schools students – Olivia Stephens and Alex Davis, both of King’s Grant elementary. "I'd give them 100 percent of the credit," said Benedetto. “They took the initiative, and made it happen.” A team of key personnel, including principals, teachers, custodians, food service staff and students, and TFC employees organized and implemented the new program. TFC Recycling is contracted to pick up the recyclable materials. They also provided – with no additional costs to the district - over 4,500 classroom recycling bins, instructional DVDs for both students and staff, t-shirts for custodial personnel, and TFC “Green Team” kits for each school. The TFC “Green Team” kit contains valuable recycling information, hands on recycling displays, and games and puzzles based on recycling.

TFC Recycling will be collect all recyclables at the schools by and deliver them to their Chesapeake material recovery facility for processing. TFC will process these recyclables in their new, single stream facility - the most technologically advanced single stream recycling facility in the United States. The system will be able to process over 40 tons of recyclable materials an hour, and utilizes the latest, state of the art optical sorting technology. From there, the recyclables will be sold to various markets where they will be made into new products.

TFC Recycling plans to invite Virginia Beach students, parents, teachers and administrators to tour the new facility.

About TFC Recycling
In 1897 the Benedetto family began collecting rags, newspaper, and trash in New York City with a pushcart. Three generations later, Joseph A Benedetto, Jr. decided to leave the family business and formed TFC Recycling in 1973 in Chesapeake, Virginia. With minimal capital investment and only a handful of employees, TFC set out to establish itself as a leader in the recycling and solid waste industry.

Today, TFC uses cutting edge technology to process the recyclable materials it collects and receives from businesses and residents throughout Virginia and North Carolina. TFC pioneered the first automated Material Recovery Facility (MRF) on the United States East Coast and continues to revolutionize the recycling industry through its use of single stream technology. Single stream technology allows for ease of recycling collection and processing, which encourages high resident participation and reduces the resident's overall waste disposal stream.

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