New Web Service Brings Real Time Analytics to News Media Brands

Kontexto Inc. today launched publishflowâ„¢, a real time analytics service for global news media brands. Designed to help news brands quantify their publishing efforts, publishflowâ„¢ is the first analytics service of its kind.

Vancouver, Canada, June 25, 2009 --( Kontexto Inc., a provider of real time web services for consumers and businesses, today launched publishflow™ for organizations that operate online news websites including newspapers, magazines, tv stations and portals.

publishflow™ is a real time analytics service that collects and analyzes every content item published online by over 1300 global media brands. Deep text analysis is performed on each content item collected in order to identify topic trends, news coverage behaviour and general news production efficiency. Over 30 data points are measured and delivered via a web dashboard interface or automated email report.

Unique to publishflow™ is the first of its kind ranking engine that week on week ranks news media brands according to coverage breadth, topic breadth and link visibility across the web. Publishers track their rank over time and can spot how their competition is faring.

More specifically, publishflow™ generates comprehensive reports including publishing volume by weekday and weekend, category coverage breakdown, topic coverage analysis, benchmark comparisons and social web presence.

As newspapers, magazines, tv stations and portals invest more time and money into online news production, the demand for analytics services to measure, analyze and report on these efforts is growing. publishflow™ provides a unified view of global publishing behaviour that is used up and down the news production chain by senior executives, digital managers, editors, reporters and ad sales teams.

Unlike traditional web analytics services that measure website traffic, page views and other standard on site consumption metrics, publishflow™ specifically tracks the publishing activity of over 1300 global news brands. Used in tandem with traditional web analytics services, publishflow™ provides a 360 degree view of online news publishing and consumption activities.

News media brands can see if they are currently being measured at There is a full directory of publishers currently being measured and publishflow™ weekly reports are available for free for up to 4 weeks.

Tom St John