Kavapoint Has Released the iEmergency App for the iPhone

Introducing the Most Comprehensive Medical Emergency App [iEmergency+] on app-store. Spread the Word and Save a Life.

Sunnyvale, CA, June 25, 2009 --(PR.com)-- There are more than 115 million Emergency Room visits each year in this North America alone. Accidents, Earthquakes, and other natural disasters can happen unexpectedly. As a result, it is near guaranteed that someone you know could be affected and could need this application.

iEmergency+ is the first emergency medical application with a full solution for emergency situations. In addition to keeping near emergency contact information, it also stores all your allergies, medications, and medical conditions in a single place.

The iEmergency+ application has a long list of features such as the following:

Key Features:
- Emergency contact list
- One-Touch Phone Call*
- Single Screen Summary
- Unlimited list for medical information
- Doctor, Insurance and More!
- LOCKBANNER Wallpaper Creator (for Locked phones)
- Free Printable Medical ID Card via website

In addition, unlike other solutions, users can keep your iPhone locked and still have security of having a solution where medical personal can access your medical data on your iPhone. For those without an iPhone, a free Medical ID card is available on the Kavapoint website. Kavapoint is encouraging everyone to spread the word and help save a few lives.

iEmergency + is now available on the appstore: http://bit.ly/iEmergency

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