VABION LLC Launches First Online Community for Chemotherapy Recovery

Web 2.0 Solution supports survivors and professionals.

Richmond, VA, June 27, 2009 --( VABION LLC (VABION) announced today the launch of its Web 2.0 community for both cancer survivors who have completed chemotherapy and radiation cancer treatments and for oncology professionals. The website will feature a cancer blog area, cancer news, cancer articles, a survivor community, cancer survivor resources and more. The latest social media solution, was developed in a joint venture with Aqua Blue Marketing, Inc., who also consulted on the company’s strategic plan.

“The plight of cancer survivors just emerging from treatment, who frequently have long-lasting, debilitating side effects from cancer treatment and a risk of relapse, has scarcely achieved the recognition it deserves. Cancer survivors were the forgotten veterans in the war against cancer until recently, as their numbers have swelled into the millions,” concludes Dr. Hardwicke, CEO and chief scientist at VABION, and a five-year breast cancer survivor. “ offers a wide variety of assistance to help cancer survivors, oncology professionals, and cancer survivor families. We provide an overview of chemo brain and how to recover, as well as pain management resources, meal suggestions, targeted articles and news, and a supportive community.”

The information and advice on are grounded in cancer research, supplement research and evidence-based protocols. Hardwicke believes cancer treatment centers will integrate Web 2.0 communities, such as, into their web sites and oncology practices as cost-effective ways to meet patient needs. The survivor community is for those recovering from breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, non-hodgkins lymphoma, leukemia and other cancers. Please visit for more information.


VABION LLC is a Virginia-based company that improves health and fitness through social media content and innovative nutraceutical products. Susan Hardwicke, Ph.D., founded the company in 2006 to develop products based on her own research on RNA and other energy supplements. The Company's products are distributed through vitamin retail stores, chain drug stores, specialty stores, gyms, convenience stores, online supplement stores, and its e-commerce website. Additional information is available at and

Dr. Hardwicke has an extensive background in combining technology with technical content, databases, and applications. She previously founded, the first online educational testing solution, which is now owned by Plato Learning, Inc.

About Aqua Blue Marketing, Inc.

Aqua Blue Marketing, Inc. is an Atlanta, GA- based interactive website development and design company. The company specializes in creating custom, community-based websites and then supporting the clients’ implementation through their marketing strategies to ensure success. Aqua Blue Marketing excels in graphic design, corporate identity creation, marketing materials, and magazine layout. Aqua Blue Marketing provides a seamless integration with companies during their projects to design and implement social media (Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and traditional marketing techniques.

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