FreshLoc Technologies Announces Automatic Wireless Temperature Monitoring for Retail Pharmacy Market. Compliance is Coming... Are You Prepared?

FreshLoc, a pioneer in Automatic Temperature Monitoring with over 3 million temperature points taken daily worldwide in hospitals, schools, foodservice, introduces a custom designed kit for Retail Pharmacies.

Dallas, TX, June 27, 2009 --( FreshLoc provides Automatic Wireless Temperature Monitoring and Compliance Reporting along with 24 hour alerting for refrigeration, ambient temperature and other environmental conditions. With numerous hospital, education, and industrial installations worldwide, FreshLoc has developed and is proud to introduce this state of the art technology to the Retail Pharmacy industry.

FreshLoc handles all temperature monitoring requirements– no more logs, manual readings, or time consuming reports, and FreshLoc allows you to see the status from any internet connection, whether it be one refrigerator, one store, or a chain of locations. FreshLoc alerts via e-mail and text when temperatures go out of your preset ranges, whether die to doors left open, equipment failures, power outages, etc. Designed on a plug and play format, a pharmacy can be installed and actively recording within minutes.

FreshLoc even continues to take readings in the event of loss of power or internet connectivity. When connectivity is restored, FreshLoc takes the guess work out and allows you to analyze whether the products are safe for dispensing. No more needless disposal of product which may be perfectly fine.

Regulatory laws are becoming more stringently enforced and compliance mandates for temperature monitoring are predicted to reach the retail pharmacy level very soon. The FreshLoc solution not only addresses regulatory requirements, but also ensures quality control, allows staff to focus on their core responsibilities, reduces loss, and it alerts when after hours or dangerous situations arise.

When you install a FreshLoc All In One system you not only get 24/7 monitoring and alerting but also:

* The best available technology protecting your perishable products and customers along with reducing your company from exposure and liability.

* The ability to promote to your customers that you are using a system to ensure they are receiving quality drugs and vaccine - "Protected by FreshLoc"

* Viewing and reporting to analyze performance of personnel and operations.

* Eliminate the personnel cost to manually log, collect, store and report temperature readings.

* A proactive and responsible image to employees, Boards of Pharmacies, Federal, State and Local agencies and most importantly - your customers

* The peace of mind and responsibility every Pharmacist desires – to dispense safe, high quality, proper strength products to customers

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