Financial Crossroads California Launches Blog to Educate Credit Consumers

New feature will help further educate visitors on how address mounting debt.

Santa Ana, CA, June 27, 2009 --( Financial Crossroads, a leading debt settlement company located in Santa Ana, California, is pleased to announce the recent launch of its blog to help inform and educate consumers who are struggling to keep up with credit card and debt-related payments. The new site is designed to offer detailed information on debt relief, personal finance, credit cards and debt settlement services.

“The launch of the Financial Crossroads blog is very timely and our goal is to help consumers navigate through the challenging world of personal finance,” said Liz Baker, co-founder of Financial Crossroads California.

“With a record number of consumers defaulting on credit card payments, our blog will offer practical tips and solutions on how to best handle these and other difficult financial situations,” she added.

The new Financial Crossroads blog will also allow comments and feedback, which will help further educate visitors on how to best address their mounting debt and dealing with creditors.

The new blog has been integrated into the existing Financial Crossroads Web site, which provides an education center, FAQs, payment calculators and other resources to help get consumers out of debt fast.

As a full-service debt settlement company, Financial Crossroads California offers solutions for clients who are saddled with consumer debt and are looking for professional assistance in becoming debt free. Financial Crossroads is often able to reduce up to 40% - 60% of what is owed, enabling consumers to become debt free in as little as eighteen to thirty-six months.

To visit the new Financial Crossroads blog, visit or call 1-888-912-3328 for more information.

About Financial Crossroads in California

In the debt settlement industry since 2001, Financial Crossroads Santa Ana California is a member of The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC) and offers solutions and programs to Americans looking to get out of debt. With its main offices in Santa Ana, California, Financial Crossroads uses a multi-faceted approach to assist clients to become free from credit card companies and other unsecured debtors in a relatively short period of time.

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