Almeda College Degrees Help Students to Reach Higher in Their Careers

San Juan, PR, June 28, 2009 --( Almeda College students aren't just learning knowledge and skills, but are discovering paths to higher and greater futures in the careers of their choice. Students graduating with degrees open many more doors in their career paths than those with only high school educations.

The fact is that the more education a person receives, the more money they are probable to earn. Furthermore, those earnings are commonly quite substantial. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) most recent statistics show that while those with high school diplomas typically earn about $175 more per week than those who have not completed their high school. However, those who have completed Associates Degree Programs, such as those available at Almeda College, will frequently earn over $100 per week more than a high school grad.

In fact, according to the BLS, the average weekly income of "full-time wage-and-salary workers agreed 25 and older", a high school graduate with no diploma earns $583, while someone with an Associate degree earns $699, someone with a Bachelor's degree earns $937, a Masters degree ( holder earns $1,129, and a person who has their Doctorate ( will earn $1,421. This demonstrates the enormous difference that graduates often see when moving through their careers with their Almeda College degrees.

This difference in income is credited not only to the preference of college graduates among employers, but the fact that they also move higher up the ladder within their chosen careers. They are not limited in their ability to be promoted when it comes to educational demands in the business.

The BLS has reported that by the year 2020, there will be 15 million new jobs available in the marketplace which will require a college education as a bare minimum for hiring. However, as things are right now, only 3 million people meeting those credentials - there will be an incredible demand for college educated people. Almeda College students and graduates will continue to be in high demand as the job market continues to demand higher levels of education.

Rising recruitment and training costs make businesses require greater education before they hire. At the same time, transportation, tuition, and book prices continue to rise. Fortunately, many students have discovered an alternative to these brick-and-mortar institutions. Almeda College students gain the education they need, at a tuition they can afford and with a flexible schedule they can manage.

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Richard Franklin