"Connected" the New Brand Offered by Tailored Societies

Connected is a new innovative take on networking nights. Crafted by the good folks of Tailored Societies.

Raleigh, NC, June 29, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Tailored Societies Presents: “Connected” [realizing the Six Degrees of separation, in hopes of making it smaller]

"Connected" is a new Brand of events offered by Tailored Societies. Its purpose is to create the quintessential environment for young elite to network with one another to help achieve their professional goals.

These are exclusive events, by invitation only, which will serve as a liaison between great minded individuals. These events are tailored to bring together young professionals on the verge of being the elite of their time. In essence, they will be premier networking nights with the Tailored Societies Flair.

Tailored Societies’ staff wishes to spark an environment that will lead to a community of great minded individuals that will work with one another for success. As Robert Kerrigan says, "The way of the world is meeting people through other people."

Tailored Societies wishes to provide those that are upon the eve of their greatness the opportunity to meet and connect with individuals like themselves. Since "strangers are just friends who haven't yet met" they wish to introduce people to individuals that can aid in charting the course to their own success.

Dante Beach, Chairman for Tailored Societies, says, “I want to take the busy out business with Connected events.”

What is Tailored Societies
Tailored Societies strives to create its own culture, centered on professionalism, innovation and timelessness. Since its emergence in 2007, Tailored Societies has pushed the status quo and has crafted treasures most people call parties. Tailored Societies creates custom fit experiences for social life near and far. With a diverse selection of experiences already offered, Tailored Societies provides its communities with novel social affairs.

Consideration of atmosphere is first and foremost when organizing a new experience with Tailored Societies. Tailored Societies aims to spark a euphoric environment within each experience, catered and coordinated by the TS founders and staff. As chairmen Dante Beach and Jamison Sanders put it, "We don't throw parties, we create Experiences!" Each event is tailor made for its audience, location, venue and overall appeal.

What makes "Connected" different?
Connected will be the fusion of a party, dinner, and networking night. Attendees can expect things like music to excite their two feet. Attendees can expect great wine tasting to amuse their taste buds.

Attendees can expect those on the verge of being the elite, under the age of 30.

Attendees can expect to have good conversations while dining on amuse bouches, and they can expect to meet an individual that puts them in a state of awe with their ideas and accomplishments.

Get Connected.

Tailored Societies
Dante Beach