5.2 Million Britons Use Internet Dating Sites Like Single Hot & Loaded

Manchester, United Kingdom, June 29, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Britons are looking for love on the internet, due to the recent credit crunch staying-in has become the new going out.

The web romance market grew by 20% in the last year and is now worth £80m, Mintel researchers found. They predict it could be worth nearly £150m by 2014. "During recession people spend more time at home rather than spending money going to bars and restaurants and going online is seen as an effective way to meet new people," analyst Matt King explained. "Difficult times are forcing people to re-evaluate what is most important in their lives and therefore are increasingly likely to look for love."

Amber Ward uses the website Single Hot & Loaded to meet new people and believes it is finally socially acceptable. "Pretty much every friend I have is internet dating now," she told Single Hot & Loaded's marketing team. "People can't afford to go out in Soho drinking until 4am. It's a cheaper way to meet potential dates. "You can get to know them on the internet before you take a risk and spend money on a date."

Mintel estimate approximately 5.2 million people in the UK use the internet for dating.

Founder and CEO of Single Hot & Loaded, Simon Franis Dunn explains that Single Hot & Loaded is a safe way to get to know a person on mutual grounds before taking the plung and meeting up. You can chat via instant messenger and also via web cam - this is a unique safety aspect that enables you to see the person you are messaging actually is the person they say they are. Single Hot & Loaded also enables you to earn money through the virtual bar whilst finding true love. Single Hot & Loaded has had many success stories, most couples have shared thier story with the website, "I get a great sence of achievement when I see happy members in love" Simon explains.

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