YJB Professional Services Launches Cooler Light for Refrigerated Display Cases

Cross Lake, MN, July 01, 2009 --(PR.com)-- YJB Professional Services, a leader in innovative LED lighting solutions, today introduced Cooler Light, a new lighting product to replace existing florescent lighting systems in refrigerated display cases. The Cooler Light is designed to be used in any display case that requires a high performance lighting solution.

Lower Power Consumption
The Cooler Light does not produce as much heat as existing florescent systems. In refrigerated displays this can reduce compressor load by up to 8%. Existing florescent solutions suffer from a 25% decrease in light output under typical refrigerated conditions. This is a result of ineffective lamp operation at cold temperatures. The Cooler Light utilizes LED technology that does not suffer the same reduction in light output at low temperatures. LED lights produce more light and experience no reduction of life from on and off cycles in cold environments making them an ideal solution for refrigerated applications. Unlike fluorescents, the Cooler Light can be dimmed to output the right amount of light for the location and time of day increasing energy savings.

Reduced Maintenance
The Cooler Light is rated to perform for 50,000 hours. That equates to 5.7 years of 24x7 operation or over a decade when operated between 8AM and 10PM seven days a week. LED lights experience greater performance consistency which represents an enormous labor savings over re-lamping and replacing prematurely failed tubes in florescent systems.

Better for the Environment
In addition to reduced energy consumption, the Cooler Light contains no mercury and is not required to be disposed of as hazardous waste like tradition fluorescents.

Increased Shopper Satisfaction
An 18 month field study comparing florescent lighting to LED lighting in supermarket freezers conducted by the Lighting Research Center concluded that shoppers had a greater preference for the LED freezer, because of its better illuminance uniformity and higher quality of light. The study also found that the LED freezer was able to operate at lower average light level than the fluorescent-lighted freezer, yet be deemed brighter, more even, more appealing, and more comfortable to shoppers.

About YJB Professional Services
YJB Professional Services (www.ledndel.com) provides high brightness, low power LED lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor, commercial and residential applications. Using world-class engineering, efficient manufacturing and highest-quality materials, YJB Professional Services offers a wide variety of modern lighting solutions.

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