Maryland Local on the Rachael Ray Show Friday, July 3, 2009

Maryland local, Aaron Ware, will be featured on the Rachael Ray show on Fri., July 3rd. Aaron lost his twin brother Eric to cancer, but turned his grief around by starting a baking company. He sells his creations for $1.00 a piece and donates some of the proceeds to the organization that brought joy to his twin in his last years, the Casey Cares Foundation. Aaron and his family spoke at the Casey Cares Foundation gala and three dozen of his cookies were auctioned off for $1,500.

Baltimore, MD, July 01, 2009 --( Eric and Aaron Ware were not only identical twins, but they were “one” in spirit. Eric Ware first came to the Casey Cares Foundation, a non-profit that provides uplifting programs for critically ill children and their families, in 2003 diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of six. During his three year battle, Casey Cares provided many fun experiences to help keep the family focused on until Eric tragically lost his fight with cancer in October of 2006. Although Aaron struggled with the loss of his identical twin brother, his spirits began boost one day after his pediatrician asked him what he liked to do. His face lit up when he talked about baking. So she gave him a purpose -- create a baking company.

That was the beginning of Doughjangles -- Sweets by Aaron. Selling his creations for $1.00 a piece, Doughjangles is not just a hobby to distract Aaron from losing Eric. Instead, it is his ultimate gift in remembering Eric. When his mom asked him what he wanted to do with his profits, Aaron told her, "Save some, spend some, buy more supplies, and give some. I want to give to the people who helped us when Eric was sick.”

In January of 2009, accompanying a personal letter from Aaron was a $10 donation to the Casey Cares Foundation. The Casey Cares staff was touched that at such a young age, and after all Aaron had been through, he was able make such a selfless act.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how important that $10 is to me,” says Casey Baynes, the Founder and Executive Director of Casey Cares. “Most people focus on the impact that Casey Cares has on their families, but it’s incredible how much the families impact us as well.”

Aaron and his family recently spoke at the Casey Cares Foundation gala and brought 3 dozen of his cookies to be auctioned. The top bidder paid $1,500.00.

Aaron Ware’s story and baking business will be featured Friday, July 3, on the Rachael Ray Show. The show will air at 9:00 a.m. ET on WMAR-TV.

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