Global Client Solutions Moves to New Tulsa Office to Accommodate Growth

More efficient office space will help better serve consumers and the companies that work with them.

Tulsa, OK, July 01, 2009 --( Global Client Solutions, a leading account management company for the debt settlement industry, has recently announced its move and expansion to a new office facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The move comes amid industry growth and the hiring of additional employees for Global Client Solutions, which offers account management services to over 800 debt settlement companies in the United States.

“The recent move into larger, more efficient office space will help us better serve our consumers and the companies that work with them,” said Michael Hendrix, CEO for Global Client Solutions.

“We have recently surpassed 100 full-time employees, which indicates the growing need for our financial products and services,” he added.

Founded in 2003, Global Client Solutions has become a leader in streamlining account services for consumers utilizing debt settlement companies to get out of debt. The company’s unique process allows consumers complete control of their funds, while at the same time, giving debt settlement companies the information and tools necessary to perform their services on behalf of the consumers.

With a record number of Americans falling behind on their credit card payments and other forms of unsecured debt, debt settlement companies have seen more and more consumers needing help to resolve their credit issues. As a result, Global Client Solutions has seen increased demand for its banking services.

The recent relocation sent the company two miles from its previous location, allowing Global Client Solutions to maintain its headquarters in eastern Tulsa. Hendrix noted that the company anticipates further growth in the months ahead.

“With our recent acquisition of a debt negotiation software company, we are in excellent position to continue our growth and improve our company and its partners,” he said.

For more information, visit or call 918-746-3278.

About Global Client Solutions

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Solutions LLC, Global Client Solutions was established in 2003 and is one of the largest account management companies in the United States. Global Client Solutions has created some of the industry’s most utilized products for consumers of debt settlement and debt negotiation companies. Specializing in account management services, Global Client Solutions makes it easier for thousands of people to achieve financial stability through effective management of their funds.

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